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Condition:NewAutomatic Grade:AutomaticPlace of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:huawei
Model Number:ASGA626Power(W):11KW 15KWWeight:3200 kgCertification:CE
After-sales Service Provided:No overseas service providedMachine Type:warperProduct:warperCreel:standard (Can be customized according to customer's request)
Material:metalApplication:All spun yarn and most of filament yarnWidth:1400mm ~1800mm (Can be customized according to customer's request)The maximum beam disc diameter:800mm~1000mm (Can be customized according to customer's request)
Warping speed:100~1000m/minThe host weight:3000 kgCreel weight:200 kg 
textile machinery
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This warper is applicable to beam warping of all spun yarns and most filament yarns, when used for the latter, it shall be additionally provided with tension roller and static eliminator. It is also suitable for production of dyeing beams(please specify when ordering). It can realize accurate control over beam winding density, warp length, warp arrangement and tension.
Major Technical Characteristics:
1. High speed, large roll, variable frequency speed regulation by AC motor. Stepless speed adjustable , constant-velocity winding. PLC control, length-counting by optical grating encoder, Chinese-language display, easy to operate, stable and reliable.

2. Warp beam is equipped with efficient gas-oil conversion caliper-disk brake system, sensitive and reliable. Braking torque can be adjusted according to the speed; guide roller adopts the electromagnetic brake while press roller adopts the pneumatic expansion brake, featuring instant withdrawal, to avoid wear to yarns, thus realizing efficient synchronous braking of three shafts at the same time.

3. Warp beam is pneumatically hoisted & lowered, with upper beam descending mechanism, featuring safe and accurate centering. It is provided with safety to prevent falling in the case of power failure and gas outage. Control with touch screen, easy to operate.

4. Side alignment, up & down movement, left & right moment of W-shape precision flexible reed can be automatically regulated, which prolongs service life of reed teeth and makes the wound yarn more uniform and smooth. Intermittent air blowing device, interval may be set at ease to maintain reed teeth clean.

5. With parallel compression device, compression is applied with straight guide track to ensure steady and uniform pressure, so as to make warp beam completely parallel with warp compressor and avoid “uneven ends".

6. Pneumatic control

7. Has a safety railling and optoelectronic protection device to ensure the operation safety .

8. The machine can be equipped with a variety of types of creel, tensioner, yarn breaking automatic stop device. The creel spindle pitch of spindle number can be set up according to user requirements .

About the technical parameters :

Beam SeriesModel/DescriptionStandard BreadthFlange Diameter

Warp beam of warper

Benninger ZC beam1600 1800800 1000
Jinwan D-type beam1600 1800812
TAYA beam(Taiwan)1550 1800760 920
DAILY PROGRESS LC-HW(Taiwan)18001000
MZD(West Germany)1800800
HOKOBA beam(Germany)16001 800600 800 1000
Filament beam(South Korea)1700920
TSUDAKOMA TW GD205(Japan)1628 1700620 800 1000
GA121,SGA211,SG1231400 1600 1800600 800 1000
1452A,B,G1400 1600 1800700 860

Beam of air-jet loom

TSUDAKOMA ZA205iZA209i(Japan)1900 2800800
Toyota JAT500,JAT600,JAT610(Japan)1900 2800800
Japan-made LW)1900800
Picanol PAT,DELTA1900 2800800
SOMET, THEMA 11E1900800

Beam of rapier loom

SOMET, THEMA 11E(Italy)1900 2300800
Picanol GTM(Belgium)1900 3200 3800800
FAST Rapier Model1900 2800800
Dornier rapier( Germany)1900 2800800
IWAMA HST(Japan)1900 2800800
SGA726,GA731,GA733,GA7411900 2800800

Beam of water-jet loom

Japan-made LW541LW5511900800
TSUDAKOMA ZW100, 200, 403(Japan)1900 2100800
Qingdao Yinchun1900800
Beam of gripper-shuttle loomSulzer P7100,P71501900 5400800 920

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Packaging Detail:Wooden Box
Delivery Detail:2month

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