Textile Conveyor Dryer

Conveyor dryer for t-shirt and textile printing, Temp. 30~200c, Conveyor speed 0~ 8m/minute, Teflon belt - details see: http://www.machineto.com/textile-conveyor-dryer-10276918
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)Brand Name:Zhuo YueModel Number:HG 1000Machine Type:Conveyor Dryer
Product:ConveyorMaterial Capabilities:TextileConveyor Dryer:Screen PrinterTextile dryer:Conveyor textile drying system
Conveyor textile dryer:Textile drying system   
Textile Conveyor Dryer
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Conveyor Dryer

Model ZY1000

Speed : 8m per minute

Belt Weight : 1000mm

Max.Temperature : 200c

Tunnel Length : 4000mm

Machine Size : 5560 X 1360 X 1300mm

Power Heater : 20 ~ 60kw

Packaging Detail:Wooden Case
Delivery Detail:60days

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