tailings DZU vacuum belt filter press

DZU series vacuum belt filter press, Filter Width 750-3000mm, Capacity 6-38m3/hr, Dry volume:110-950kg/hr - details see: http://www.machineto.com/tailings-dzu-vacuum-belt-filter-press-10229076
Filter Width of the belet filter press:750-3000mmCapacity of the belt filter pess:6-38m3/hrDry volume of the DY belt filter press:110-950kg/hrMoisture content:63-84.5
Motor of the DZU belt filter press:1.5-22KW   
tailings DZU vacuum belt filter press
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DZU series vacuum belt filter press

Introduction of belt filter press:

DZU series belt filter press is a new type based on international advanced technology which was introduced by national scientific research unit and our company. It can be widely used in sludge dewatering of urban sewage treatment, chemical industry,oil refining, metallurgy,papermaking, leather making, foodstuff, coal washing and printing and dyeing industry. It is an ideal equipment to sludge dewatering with advantages of continuous work, high automation, energy saving, high efficiency, and easy maintenace.

Design features of belt filter press:

1. DZU series belt filter press adopting advanced Austrian technology with beautiful appearance.

2.DZUseries belt filter press with big stiffness structure, smooth operation and low noise.

3. DZUseries belt filter press equipped with advanced concentration pretreatment equipment with great effect to flocculation and low cost of operation.

4.DZU series belt filter press equipped with advanced distributing device in gravity dehydration to make materials distributed well to make filtrating belt have a long service life.

5.DZUseries belt filter press with long gravity dehydration and wedge dehydration to make material dewatering completely to make sure there is no water spilling in squeezing place.

6.DZU series belt filter presswith scientific order roller system arrangement to let water in gravity dehydration and wedge dehydration discharge separated. The diameter of squeezing dewatering roller is with large ratio, and dewatering effect is good with large capacity, saving energy and high efficiency.

7.DZU series belt filter presswith high degree automation from feeding material to removing sludge cake and setting PLC port if necessary to make computer easy to do centralized control.

8.DZU series belt filter presspower transmission adopts machinery or non-step speed regulation with large regulation scope and wide adaptability.

9.DZU series belt filter presssetting with the reliable back washing device to assure filtrating belt's dehydration effect.

10.DZU series belt filter pressadopting pneumatic tension device and pneumatic automatic correction device to ensure filtrating belt can work safely and smoothly.

11.DZU series belt filter pressthe operation is reliable and safety with infrared safety protection and comprehensive emergency safety stopping device.

12.DZU series belt filter pressdifferent materials are equipped with different types of filtrating belt with high precise filtration.

Structure and principle:

DYZUseries belt filter press consists of drive machine, sludge distributor, filtrating belt, tension device, automatic adjusting machine, filtrating belt washed machine, mud scraper, gravity dehydration, wedge dehydration, squeezing dehydration and frame, etc.

The process of filter is that sludge after flocculation treatment goes into sludge distributor to gravity dehydration which is a little long period with horizontal movement and small angle rising period;

then filtrated sludge moves with filtrating belt and under gravity, free water is separated from flocculation material. Most of water is removed from sludge, so sludge almost loses mobility.

Then it is transported into wedge dehydration.

The space in wedge dehydration is from samll size to big size and then the two filtrating belts come together to make sludge bewteen two belts under gradually growing squeezing pressure to let water discharged frequently.

At this stage, sludge has lost the mobility which prepares for squeezing dehydration next step. The diameter of squeezing rollers are ordered from small to big size, but pressure on sludge grows gradually. Sludge is squeezed and plasma cutted through several S type orders squeezing rollers to make saturated water dehydrated from sludge which finish the dewatering process of sludge.

When filtrating belt goes through discharging device, mud cakes are scraped by scraper from filtrating belt. The upper and lower filtrating belts are washed and then go back to gravity dehydration to fulfill next cycle of sludge dehydration.

DZU belt filter press technical specification and dimension of belt presser:












Belt wash water

Compressed air

Total Weight (kg)










Quantity of air (m3/h)

Packaging Detail:containers
Delivery Detail:Within 15 days after receipt of the prepayment

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