TA-HSD - solid carbide drill / cutting tool

Japan Quality cutting tool, solid carbide drill, 2flutes 30 helix / regular type, TiAlN coating, OEM welcome - details see: http://www.machineto.com/ta-hsd-solid-carbide-drill-cutting-tool-10147954
Place of Origin:JapanBrand Name:CXModel Number:TA-HSDMaterial:Carbide
Diameter:D3.0-D16.0Type:End MillCoating:TiAINOverall Length:50L-145L
TA-HSD - solid carbide drill / cutting tool
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2flutes 30° helix / regular type / TiAlN coating
InterMold Thai 2012
China Exhibision 2011

Our company is a maker who begin from regular tool to global incomparable tool maker.

Our company is the company which accumulated steady achievements on major tool OEM makers who real thing in a reverse side of major company.

Which means that why the reasons of Japan major tool maker are allowed to evaluate the quality and reliance overseas.

CKK tool are the superior cutting be decided from performance and processing efficiency, so all are the thing which promise under best cost performance.

CS end mill series are gatherd all our technology and know-how cultivated for years in the process of manufacturing and developing the carbide cutting tools.
First,we carefully select new materials espe cially produced for end mills from all over the world and then chose the best kind of coating for carbide materials.
Finally,keeping low price,high durability and high precision could be realized.
Although it is common to manufacture the existing models,we can grant customers’ special requests and develop,design,produce them in from small lots to mass production.
Our cutting tools are widely field requiring nanotechnology.
Not only developing and producing of our products,but we make secondhand cutting tools in different shapes and sizes produced by us and other compainies reborn as brand-new with our advanced grinding skills.
The tool grinding skills cultivated for 25 years and the latest machines can support the reduction of customers' costs of tools.
Re-grinded and coated cutting tools are changed as totally brand-new and that will be a good use of limited and precious resources.
A recycling by re-grinding and coating and coating contributes to the resource conservation and the global environmental
We have "cutting experiment center"to develop new products and verify the performance for better cutting.
It is important to accumulate the basic knowledge for more developing in the future by reenacting the variety of cutting conditions,recording them as database and sharing the knowledge in the developing section.
We belive improving the cutting performance is the best way for keeping the lower costs.
Steady advances in the precision and durability of cutting tools are being made every day and at the sametime especially in the field of Aircraft,Space,Automobiles and Semiconductors industies now requires a ten-thousandth millimeter measure's
high precision and nanotechnology.
We always learn steady and advanced technology and install most advanced machineries and equipments in order to complete highest performance solid carbide end mills with our trailblazing effort,technology and creativity.
We are proud of our technology and endeavor to approach highest accurate angles and plus/minus ZERO tolerance.
All end mills supplied by us are carefully inspected by CCD Camera with non-touch and advanced graphic measuring system.
We always deliver stable and highest quality end mills

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Packaging Detail:Plastic Case & Carton box
Delivery Detail:30days

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