Supply Induction Heating Equipment

1.Control Model:Digital Control, 2.Resonance:Series resonance, 3.Rated Output: 80KW, 4.Built-in temperature controll - details see:
Type:OtherPlace of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:CanroonModel Number:CR2000
Voltage:380VCurrent:122ARated Duty Cycle:80KWDimensions:880*663*982
Weight:201Usage:PreheatingAfter-sales Service Provided:Overseas service center availableProcess:Induction Heating Equipment
Maximum Rated output:80KWInput Power:380V,3-PhaseWarranty:1 Year 
Supply Induction Heating Equipment
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Supply Induction Heating Equipment


1.Process:induction heating machine
2.Maximum Rated output:80KW
3.Input Power:380V 3-Phase,50HZ
4.Rated Output:80KW at 100% duty cycle,1-35KHZ
5.Input Amperes at Rated Output:380V:122A
6.Dimensions:H:880MM W:663MM D:982MM

1. Air cooling:Not water cooling, Convenience to install
2.Temperature recorder: Record the whole heating curve
3.Flexible induction coil: Easy to wind on different working piece
4.Temperature Controller: Keep the heating process same with PWHT requirement
5.PLC touching screen: Intuitive to see and easy to operate
6.Induction heating power: High heating speed and heating efficiency, energy Saving

Our Advantages

1.Versatile Mobility:optional running gear designed for construction and maintenance
2.On-board temperature control:provide for manual or temperature based programming in a simple-to-learn operator interface
3.Muitiple control thermocouple inputs:available to control on the hottest TC during heating and coolest TC during cooling for 4.uniform heating and quanlity
5.Open output detection:prevents system operation without a covered output receptacle(cable or protective plug)
6.Isolation fault protection:provides automatic system shut down power source output to ground.
7.Low consumable costs:No fuel costs and minimal insulation costs.insulation is resuable and may be used 50 time or more,reducing costs of disposal and replacement.
8.Uniform heating:maintained along and through the heat zone by using induction to heat within the material.the surface of the part is nor marred by localized conducted heat at higher than specified temperatutes.
9.Time-to-temperature:faster than conventional processes due to methed of applying the heat,reducing the heating heating recyle time.
10.Improved working environment: With welding,welders are not exposed to open flame,explosive gases and hot elements associated with fuel gas heating and resistance heating.
11.High energy-efficeent systems:(more than 90 percent efficient)transfers more energy to the part,decreassing heating times and impoving power efficietnt.
12.Easy Set-up:achieved using preheat blankets or flexible heating cables combined with user-friendly insulation blankets.

1.Transmission Pipeline-Construction/Repair Pipe Fabrication Shops
2.Power Piping-Contruction/Repair
3.Petrochemical-Construction/Repair Shipbuilding
4.Mining Equipment Maintenance
5.Drill Pipe Manufacturing
6.Shrink Fit


Appliance:Our CR2000 has been used for pipe preheat at CMIH(The biggest shipbuilding in China)

Application: Pre-heating of structural steel tube to 300°F.

Application: Post Weld Heat Treating (PWHT) a carbon steel pipe to 1250°F after welding.

Packaging Detail:Cartoon
Delivery Detail:A week after confirmed payment

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