Submersible explosion proof pump

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Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:YANSHANModel Number:BQWColor:Black or green
Submersible explosion proof pump
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I. General introduction

1. Product features

1.1 BQW series explosion proof submersible sewage pump mainly used under coal mine laneway and working face drain,easy explode occasion.

1.2 BQW series pumps are bottom suction type submersible pump, the impeller fitted on the end of motor shaft, no coupling required. The pump can be used in explosion proof electric equipment standard request in GB3836.1.2 explosion condition. we have security standard certificate and explosion proof certificate. Wide flow channel impeller make it suitable for sewage draining of low water level and that contain the larger particals. its has features of simple structure、long life、simple use etc, also no need priming pump as it is one type of submersible pump.

3. Application conditions

3.1. BQW series pump can be operating safty in coal mine which containing methane, coal dust in air. Or in flammability and explosion enviroment

3.2. The pumping liquid should according with following conditions:

3.2.1. The Max. temperature should be less than 40°C

3.2.2. The PH value should be between 5~9.

3.2.3. Max. consistence by volume of solid not exceed 2%

3.3. The best installation is vertical, Max. incline should be not exceed 10O.

3.4. Operation duty: continuous S1.

II. Main technical parameters of BQW pump Table I


QHMotor powerSpeedMax. size of granuleOutlet Dia.Overall Dia.weight
BQW(BQX)10-10-1.510101.52840340380X 16539
BQW(BQX)15-15-2.215152.22860540545X 28056
BQW(BQX)9-22-2.29222.22860540545X 28056
BQW(BQX)25-12-3251232870540510X 22047
BQW(BQX)15-30-4153042890540597X 32085
BQW(BQX)38-15-4381542890568597X 32085
BQW(BQX)12-50-5.512505.529001240625X 35081
BQW(BQX)20-50-7.520507.529001650648X 35088
BQW(BQX)30-50-1130501129301850898X 380100
BQW(BQX)50-50-1550501529301280945X 380210
BQW(BQX)40-60-1540601529301280945X 380210
BQW(BQX)30-70-18.5307018.529301080996X 403270
Packaging Detail:Wooden package suitable for sea transportation.
Delivery Detail:45 days after downpayment or receiption of L/C

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