Stainless steel filter

filter cartridge,made of SUS304,SUS316L,SUS444 stainless steel, surfaces are grinded,sanition design without dead corner. - details see:
Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name:TianshanModel Number:220,222,215,226 and shellfilters:filter
Function:Purification FilterStructure:Filtering MachineMaterial:stainless steel 
Stainless steel filter
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Stainless filters (liquid )

This series of filters are made of SUS304,SUS316L,SUS444stainless steel. The inner and outer surfaces are grinded, snitation design without dead corner, so they can meet the demands of GMP standards in medical industry, and are widely used in many industry sectors, including: medical industry, chemical industry and food and beverage industry.

Filter cartridges of different precisions can be installed. And there are many models for customers to choose: Press Model(220), Plug-in model(222,215) and clip in model. we can also make filter cartridges according to customers' demands. Stainless steel filters housing according to ISO9001:2000 International Quality System.

Stainless liquid filter

Flow rate: 0.2 ~100 T

Testing pressure: 0.72 Mpa, 30 Min

Maximum working pressure: 0.6 Mpa

Antiseptic Shell Filter

Aperture combinations: 0.65μm+0.45μm, 0.45μm+0.20μm, 0.65μm+0.20μm

Effective filteration area: ≥ 0.25 m2

Normal working temperature: ≤ 60oC

Maximum working temperature: 85 (οP≤0.10MPa)

Antiseptic filtration of steam: 121±2oC, 30Min as many as 30 times

PH value: 1 - 13

Intergrility Test(Minimum bubble point) (25oC, water)




Packaging Detail:we have our own style of packaging, but if it is necessery it can be decided in accordance with customers demands.
Delivery Detail:According to the scale of the purchase order.

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