ST0304-Automatic Self-cleaning Water Filter

Automatic Self-cleaning Filter, Filter Element:wedge filter screen, Filter Micron:10 to 3000 micron, Working Pressure:0.1-1.6Mp - details see: //
Type:Water SoftenerMedium Material:Metal FilterPlace of Origin:Beijing China (Mainland)Brand Name:Luolun
Model Number:Model CNAF-ST   
ST0304-Automatic Self-cleaning Water Filter
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Automatic Self-cleaning Filter

Model CNAF-ST< 1”, 1.5”,2”>

Filtration is one important part of water purification, which filters the impurity in order to achieve the purpose of water treatment or protection. Traditional net filtration approaches have been widely applied in water treatment and industrial water recycling system owing to its good filtration result and small resistance. However, these approaches have the limit of volume of impurity to be treated, easily blocked and complicated cleaning process which must be cleaned after the whole system is disassembly. This kind of cleaning process loses the monitor and lowers the automation for whole system. Automatic cleaning filtration filters the grey water and automatically cleans the filter without stopping supplying the water. The system is fully automatic and treats big volume of grey water.


ST series automatic cleaning filter systems apply in cycle and non-cycle cooling water systems, heat exchange systems, central air conditioning systems, central heating systems and hot water systems etc to protect the cooling parts, heat exchange devices, air conditionings and boilers etc.

The systems require the water flow temperature is less than 95°C.

The flow-in water requirement: The particles in the water must be less than 60mg/L and

110mg/L if in a short time. Pro-treatment is required if the water requirements are not met.

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Packaging Detail:Wood Case
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