Spray sterilization cooling tunnel equipment

1.It is used for Barshi bacteria killing in the useal air pressure., 2.the appearance is good-looking, Cooling tunnel equipment - details see: //www.machineto.com/spray-sterilization-cooling-tunnel-equipment-10031375
Processing:SterilizerPlace of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:kemModel Number:PL-2
Processing Types:Juicematerial:Stainless steelname:cooling tunnel equipment 
Spray sterilization cooling tunnel equipment
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Spraying Sterilization Cooling Machine Principle & Applications:

1.It is applied in the filling production line of fruit juice (tea), as a kind of tunnel Pasteur sterilization for the treatment of filled containers. Fill the untreated product in the container, seal the container, then through the conveying belt, the container enter the tunnel Pasteur sterilization and spraying cooling machine.

2.Within the different temperature zones, the container is sprayed by the water with different temperatures, which is the sterilization phrase and cooling phrase. It adopts the principle that the water sprayed on the cooler container will turn hotter; the hotter water can be used to cool the sterilized hotter containers, making the container gradually cool down. In this way, it can avoid the loss of taste caused by overheat and prevent cracking or deformation of the containers because of the sudden change of the thermal stress. The interconnection of the heating zones and cooling zones will better recycle the energy — this is the energy regeneration principle. The tunnel Pasteur sterilizer makes full use of the heat balance principle and only consumes limited resources in sterilization zone.

Production Capacity (bottles/min)80-150250-400
Maximum Sterilization Temperature (°C)<100<100
Linear Speed of Conveying Belt (mm/min)110-553200-1000
Water Recirculation Rate (m3/h)1525
Pressure of Main Steam Pipe (Mpa)0.40.4
External Dimensions (mm)12,000*1,914*1,70014,000*2,900*1,700

Spray sterilization cooling tunnel equipment

Packaging Detail:wooden packing
Delivery Detail:20 workdays

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