Smoke chamber

* Smoking & Cooking system, * Well-proportioned color coating, * Well-controlled even airflow, * 1 to 4 trolleys - details see: //
Place of Origin:Liaoning China (Mainland)Brand Name:JixiangModel Number:QZX-500IIIMaterial:SUS304 stainless steel
Processing Types:Meat, fishProcessing:smoking, cooking, drying, backingType:Meat Processing Machinery 
Smoke chamber
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* Touch screen and PLC-control display and control the operation data. Up to 100 formulas can be restored.

* Password for operators can be set up. The process and malfunction data can be recorded. Up to customers’ requirements, the specialized module can be connected to realize remote monitoring, recording, data and graph printing (selectable)

* Its main functions include cooking, gradient cooking, reddening, drying, moist drying, baking, smoking and cleaning.

* Specialized airflow technology promises well-controlled even airflow in the smoking & cooking house. Slow or quick air circulation program can be chosen up to customers’ requirements to reach the optimized effects of air circulation and smoke generation.

* Cooking and Delta Cooking with timing control and temperature control optimized the operation procedure and avoid energy consumption.

* The advanced smoking generating system realizes well-proportioned color coating. The monitoring and adjusting of smoke temperature maintains suitable temperature and supplies safe processing condition.

Moisture, temperature and exhausting can be controlled in the course of drying, baking and smoking.

Capacity: 1 to 4 trolleys (250 to 1000kg)

Packaging Detail:wooden pallets or cases
Delivery Detail:normally 4 to 6 weeks

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