SMC Water Tank

SMC water tank, 1.non-pollution, 2.light weight ,, 3.anti-Corrosion,, 4.long service life - details see: //
Type:Water SoftenerMedium Material:PPPlace of Origin:Hebei China (Mainland)Brand Name:JHR
Model Number:SMC   
SMC Water Tank
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SMC Water Tank

1.The SMC combined type water tank was designed with the National Building materials Bureau Glass fiber reinforced plastic Research Design institute, is new water tank which at present internationally generally use. It has no leakage, the weight is light, the water quality is good, the contour is artistic, the service life is long and merits and so on easy installation.

2,the water tank seal uses the sealing tape which develops specially. This sealing tape non-toxic, water resistant, the elasticity is big, the permanent deformation is small, the lifetime may above 30 years.

3,the SMC combined type water tank is by the SMC mold pressing veneer, the packing material, the metal fastener and the tubing system combination. It may assemble 1-500 tons water tanks according to the user need. If the original water tank needs to replace, does not need to rebuild the house, imports the mold pressing veneer by the gate then to assemble, the usability is very strong, and executes the ministry of public works for the design to bring enormously convenient. Our company develops outside successful SMC to reinforce the combined water tank most newly also already by the customer approval use.

Packaging Detail:carton
Delivery Detail:Within 20 days after firm order

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