Small Filter MF-203

Small filter for beverage and other liquids different viscosity. - details see:
Processing:FilterPlace of Origin:SloveniaBrand Name:Mini FilterModel Number:MF-203
Processing Types:BeverageMaterial:stainless steel  
Small Filter MF-203
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Mini filter (small filter) is designed for filtration of wine, brandy, beer, vinegar, fruit juice, syrup, water, oil, pharmaceutical and cosmetical products and other chemicals. Designed is for winegrower-wineweiter who want to bottling wine or to clean brandy after destillation as well as all others who need filtration of liquids. Filter is one sheetconstruction which makes the same effect like filter with several filter-sheets because also by those liquid flow only through one filter-sheet. Flow by mini filter issmaller but with the same qualityas by filter with several filter-sheets. In dependence of purpose of use and level of quality suitable filter-plate must be selected. Filter is made of stainless steel and other materials for usein food idustry.It is suitablefor join on pump operated by electric drill, wine pump or other suitable pump.

Tehnical data for filter MF-203:

- flow to 70L/h

- pressure on input cca 3bar (cca 44P.S.I.)

- connections R ¾

- size of filter-sheet 20x20cm

- duration of filter plate to 200L dependence of cleanniss of liquid and method of filtration

Small Filter MF-203
Packaging Detail:In cardboard box
Delivery Detail:from 10 to 30 days

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