Sing stage vacuum pump

1. Sing stage vacuum pump, 2. rated speed:40m3/h, 3. utmost pressure:0.5mbar, 4. it can replace parts of Busch - details see:
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name:JOYSUNModel Number:X-160certification:CE
cooling mode:windcolor:silver and black  
Sing stage vacuum pump
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Principle of Vacuum:

Inside the round pump body with sucking and exhausting valves, there installed a centrifugal rotor trough with three vanes driven by centrifugal power. The vanes separate the pump inner space into three parts and the respective volume changes periodically while the rotor turns. The sucking, compressing and exhausting stages eliminate the air at the inlet and achieve the state of vacuum.

Good Characteristic:
1. High utmost vacuum rate, it can be less than 0.5mbar
2. High deflating speed
3. Low noise while working, lower than 67db
4. Strong capacity in deflating the vapor
5. Protecting environment; an oil fog clearer is set in the vacuum pump, and no oil fog in the exhaust air
6. Compact structure, scientific and reasonable design, and it is easy to install in the industry system
Application Range of Single-stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump:

Packaging, Sticking
--Packaging used by vacuum or inert gases for varied foods, metal items and electronic elements --Sticking for photographs and advertisement sheets
Lifting, Transportation, Sticking, Loading/Unloading:

--Lifting of glass plate --Sticking of board, plastic plank --Loading/Unloading of non-magnetism item --Loading/Unloading and transportation of paper sheets and paper boards in paper making and printing industry --Transportation of powder materials Drying, Air-eliminating, Dripping:

--Dipping and drying of electronic elements --Air-eliminating of moulds, dopes and vacuum furnaceOthers

--Laboratory Devices --Medical Treatment Devices --Freon Recycling --Vacuum Heat Treatment



ITEMS / MODELUnitsX-10X-21X-25
Rated SpeedM³/h102125
Utmost Pressurembar0.1-0.50.1-0.50.1-0.5
Work Temperature°C818282
Oil ConsumptionL0.50.50.5
Vapor Permitted Pressurembar404040
Suction Rate of Vapourkg/h0.150.30.4
Whorl of InletinchRp3/4”Rp3/4”Rp3/4”
Motor Rated Powerkwo.370.751.1
Motor Rated Rotating SpeedRpm144028802880
Total Weightkg171819
Vacuum Pump Sizecm46.5×23.2×2047.3×23.2×2048×23.2×20


ITEMS / MODELUnitsX-40X-63X-75X-100
Rated SpeedM³/h406375100
Utmost Pressurembar0.1-0.50.1-0.50.1-0.50.1-0.5
Work Temperature°C83848485
Oil ConsumptionL1.5222
Vapor Permitted Pressurembar40404040
Suction Rate of Vaporkg/h0.611.21.6
Whorl of InletinchRp1 1/4”Rp1 1/4”Rp1 1/4”Rp1 1/4”
Whorl of OutletinchRp1 1/4”Rp11/4”Rp11/4”Rp11/4”
Motor Rated Powerkw1.1/1.51.5/2.21.5/2.22.2/3
Motor Rated Rotating SpeedRpm1440144014401440
Total Weightkg48586072
Vacuum Pump Sizecm65×30×2865×43×29.567×43×29.572×43×29.5


ITEMS / MODELUnitsX-160X-202X-250X-302
Rated SpeedM³/h160202250302
Utmost pressureMbar0.1-0.50.1-0.50.1-0.50.1-0.5
Work temperature°C65728183
Oil ConsumptionL5577
Vapor Permitted PressureMbar40404040
Suction Rate of Vapourkg/h2.544.55
Whorl of InletinchRp2”Rp2”Rp2”Rp2”
Whorl of OutletinchRp2”Rp2”Rp2”Rp2”
Motor Rated Powerkw44.55.57.5
Motor Rated Rotating SpeedRpm1440144014401440
Total WeightKg157157195211
Vacuum Pump SizeCm85.5×49.5×43.585.5×49.5×43.598×56×44101×56×44

Packaging Detail:plywood.
Delivery Detail:have stock

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