Shoestring Making Braiding Machine

it is applied to producing a variety of ropes and belts like cordages,strings,drawstrings and shoelaces,etc - details see:
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:Jia ChengModel Number:JC 4/16Machine Type:Braiding Machine
Shoestring Making Braiding Machine
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JCSeries ofHigh Speed Rope/Belt Braiding Machine
Model No.JC 4/16JC 2/24JC 2/40JC 1/48
Numble of Spindle16244048

it is applied to producing a variety of spandex and non-spandex ropes and belts like cordages,strings,drawstrings,galloons,shoelaces,decorative and tensile ropes and belts,etc

Max Diameter of Fabric

different according to different spindles


60-120m/hour/head for non-spandex fabric

18-30m/hour/head for spandex fabric

according to the density of fabric and the speed of transducer

Max. Rotate Speed (r/min)360320300300
Motor Power(KW)0.750.750.750.75
Input Voltage(V)220V,380V220V,380V220V,380V220V,380V
Machine Size(m)(L*W*H)1.25*1.2*1.451.4*1.1*1.451.7*1.2*1.51.35*1.25*1.52
Bobbin Size(mm)(D*H)48*14048*14048*14048*140
Machine Weight


Detailed Product Description

High speed braiding machine is an equipment with high exactitude,high efficiency,low wastage and low noises,which absorbs foreign various advanced technique and combines with the present technical level in our country. It is applied to producing a variety of rope ribbons,shoestrings,flex,decorative ribbons and tensile.

Adopt the advanced way of frequency conversion regulation and control,apt to control rotational speed,and in the braiding spindle qualify for the next round of competitions some office device hang industry of entering etc.Replace the punching type operation with porcelain eyes(alumina),operate simple and easily when changing the line.The applicable raw materials are also very wide.It is difficute to break when weaving,and not to fray the raw materials surface,after weaving,there is higher quality naturally,if there are products of warp-heart,can use material shelf automatically,nomatter what size is the warp-heart can becorrect deliveried dosage.When yun out of the warp-heart or break the line,the machine will stop turning round autokmatically.So under the unattended situation,that is also very comfortable for the machine running,in order to increase the output and lower costs.

The applicable raw materials are very wide,it is suitable for wool,chemical fiber,PP yarn,wire,etc.It is applied to producing a variety of columned belts,flat belts,curtain ribbons,silk ribbons,decorativeribbons and the other spandex and non-spandex ribbons.

Packaging Detail:standard wooden box export packing
Delivery Detail:within 10days(FOB shanghai)

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