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600W 220V 0-4500Rev / min, Special Function, 1,Software Restart, 2,Quick Recovery Parameter, 3,Software Upgrade - details see:
Place of Origin:Anhui China (Mainland)Brand Name:TongliModel Number:TL600 
servo motor
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Servo Motor User Manual

After power on, two rotation cursors will be displayed. When accessed parameter mode, it display parameter index or value. After setting parameter, it will back to show rotation cursors automatically.

If parameter N.4 set to ON, “P” will be displayed on left bar, and display of right bar remains. If needle stop is down position, then decimal point of right bar is off; if needle stop is up position, then decimal point of right bar is on.

If parameter N.P set to ON, display of left bar remains, and current segment index of constant stitch function will be displayed on right bar.

Special Function

1,Software Restart

TheDB-S21 energy-saving motor controller uses digital switching power supply, so lower energy consumption and slower power down, in order to avoid for waiting a long time for shutdown in check function or fault state, it provide the software restart function, there is no need to turn off the power switch, press the "Add" to allow the control box reset.

2,Quick Recovery Parameter

After power switch on, press "Add" and "Sub" together more than three seconds will automatically restore the parameters and reset.

3,Software Upgrade

DB S21 energy saving motor controller can provide out of the box software upgrade. Insert the upgrade tool to the synchronizer interface then switch on, the system will automatically detect the upgrade tool and show the version of software stored in it, press "Sub" until display the progress of the upgrade, it will display "OK" to prompt the upgrade was successful, then unplug the upgrade tool and reboot, the control box can work with the latest version.


The default diameter of motor wheel is 60mm, user can replace it by need (same with clutch motor).

It provides 5V LED interface.

If no power supply after switch on, please check please check the motor switch.


Packaging Detail:Carton
Delivery Detail:20 Days

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