Screw Press

Screw press is used for the extraction of black liquor from coarse stock, and for thickening bleached and wast paper pulpmachine - details see:
Type:Pulping EquipmentPlace of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:GAOXINModel Number:GXZDL
Products standard:GB/T 19001-2008Color:blue  
Screw Press
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The pulp machine:

1. Highlights

1. Variable-diameter and variable-pitch spiral: the stock is pressed in a slowly reducing space, so that the dewatering of the stock layer is almost same.
2. Low rotation speed: When there are bulky or hard substances (such as iron ware) in the stock, the impurities will be automatically extruded into the space between helical blades, so as to avoid the damages of the equipment.
3. Adjustable outlet consistency: The screw shaft, with high compression ratio, leads to high concentration of stock, and outlet consistency can be adjusted with pneumatic or manual plunger as per operators demands.
4. Special structure, to prevent slipping of stock and to keep steady the outlet consistency.
5. Closed design, to prevent the overflow of off-flavor;
6. Completely mechanical extruding dewatering, without special requirements of installation height;
7. Highly dewatering efficiency, to deprive over 85% black liquor in the stock.

2. Structure

It is composed of driving unit, screw shaft, and screen cylinder.
1. Driving unit: electric motor, gearbox, and coupler,
2. Screw shaft: the first section in contact with stock is the conveyer screw, and the middle part is the conical variable diameter variable-pitch to increase the compression ratio, the filter liquor extraction percentage, and consistency of stock. At the end of the section, a blade-interruption is termed as intercepting section to prevent the impacts on outlet consistency due to uneven inlet consistency. The later part is conveyer screw section.
3. Screen cylinder: it is composed of four sections for input, filtering, compression and outputs, each section in the steel frame structure, and supported with steel skeleton. The outside of filter is a screen plate with big holes to protect screen plate.

3. Technical Specifications

capacity of production: t/d507080100160180200
Rotational speed: r/m


Intet feed consistency:%


Discharge consisitency:


Power of motor: kw30375575759090
Weight of the equipment: T18202426283032
Packaging Detail:According to export standard
Delivery Detail:60 days after the confirmation of the contract

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