SAM3 Series Axial Piston Motor

SAM3 Series Axial Piston Motor, 1. High technology, 2. High quality, 3. 100% tested, one year warranty, 4. Competitive price - details see:
Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name:SAMModel Number:SAM3-175/SAM3-200/SAM3-250/SAM3-300/SAM3-350/SAM3-400/SAM3-450/SAM3-50 
SAM3 Series Axial Piston Motor
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1.Low noise due to an eccentric crankshaft and low vibration frequency five-piston design.

2.High starting torque, good stablity under very low speed.

3.Using patented flat compentation distributors, reliable and less leakage. Special seals between piston and cylinder are used to ensure

4.Higher volume efficiency.

5.High mechanical efficiency for using rollor bearings between crankshaft and connecting rod.

6.Reversible rotation, the output shaft can bear a relativelly heavy radial and axial external force.

Product TypeMotor Series No.Norminal DisplacementShaft TypeDistributor Type
SAM Axial Piston MotorMotor Series No.175: 175ml/r
200: 200ml/r
250: 250ml/r
300: 300ml/r
350: 350ml/r
400: 400ml/r
450: 450ml/r
500: 500ml/r
See Shaft OptionSee Distributor Option
ModelDisplacement (ml/r)Rated Pressure (MPa)Max Pressure (MPa)Rated Torque (N.m)Unit Theoric Torque (N.m/MPa)Speed Range (r/min)Weight
Packaging Detail:Plywood case
Delivery Detail:1-4 weeks

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