RO water treatment

RO water treatmentType: RO-1-25T/H RO water purification systemCapacity: 1-25T/H - details see:
Processing:FilterPlace of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:AK-MACHINEModel Number:RO
Processing Types:WaterMaterial:stainless steelElectrical:Siemens 
RO water treatment
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RO water treatment

10 tons/hourTwo-stage reverse osmosis water treatment plant

6 tons/hour one-stage reverse osmosis water treatment plant

3 tons/hour one-stage reverse osmosis water treatment plant

1 tons/hour one-stage reverse osmosis water treatment plant

2)The system process

Raw water→raw water tank → raw water booster pump→mechanical filter→activated carbon filter →precise filter →high-pressure pump →Reverse Osmosis Components→pure water tank→pure water

Ozone device
3) The system description

This system uses mechanical filters, activated carbon filter as a pre-class treatment, the effective removal of suspended solids in raw water, sediment particles, organic colloids, organic matter, odor, chlorine and other impurities, with pre-programmed as a reverse osmosis desalination plant to remove the raw water Most of the dissolved salts, bacteria, hot stream and so on, to ensure finished water quality standards.

The system is set up automatic and manual modes.

Under normal circumstances, the system can be placed in automatic operation mode of the work of continuous operation, automatic monitoring water quality, simple, stable, safe and reliable.

4) Work

quartz sand filter

Raw water into the filter for a simple mechanical filter, mainly to remove suspended solids in water, colloidal particles and other large impurities in the water when the water pressure and the pressure difference over 10Psi (0.7kg/cm2) or water SDI> 5, the need for backwashing . In general, before running back wash once a day.

activated carbon filter

Activated carbon is used wood, coal, shell (nuclear) and other carbonaceous material through chemical or physical method activation made. It has a very large number of pores and specific surface area, which has a strong physical adsorption capacity, the effective adsorption of organic pollutants in water. Primarily to remove organic matter in raw water, chlorine, odor, color, etc., so that the original residual chlorine in water ≤ 0.1mg / l, effective protection of RO membrane from chlorine damage to parts of activated carbon typically 12 to 18 months to replace a The main residual chlorine as determined in raw water.

Under normal circumstances, it needs to backwash once a week.

5μm security filter

The third pretreatment, filter spray for the polypropylene melt, filter housing is ABS material, mainly to remove the vast majority of very fine suspended solids.

Reverse osmosis plant
RO reverse osmosis equipment adopts the membrane separation to remove the water ions, organic matter, colloidal particles, bacteria and other impurities in the water desalination and purification to achieve the purpose. The principle is the solution to penetrate the membrane of water and separated, the water is leaking to the solution, the osmotic pressure between the two phases, if the solution phase on the pressure, so the pressure is the osmotic pressure, the solution to the water, the water will be the opposite infiltration to, obtained using reverse osmosis desalination of water. That is enough pressure in the raw water, through the permeable membrane and into pure water, no water through the membrane, the dissolved, suspended solids concentration increases gradually, as the concentration of water out.

Reverse osmosis plant can not only desalt, but also filter out the organic matter, bacteria and so on.
RO water product is on-line motored by the LCD conductivity meter.

Reverse osmosis systems are generally required to run once a day. If it is stopped to run More than a week, it should be taken protective measures, otherwise would have a serious impact on the life of membranes.

1. Water Specifications:

SDI (Silting Density Index) ≤4 Chlorine≤ 0.1mg / L

Salinity≤ 300ppm Iron≤ 0.1 ppm

Temperature :5-35 °C Turbidity ≤ 5NTU

PH 6 - 8

2. Equipment Specifications

Note: Water yield will be changed when the water temperature is down 1 °C, and water production would be decreased by 3%.

Desalination water production rate: ≥ 97%

RO water treatment
Packaging Detail:Internal plastic film , external wooden packaging
Delivery Detail:30 days

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