RO treatment equipment

1.Water treatment equipment, 2.Have ISO9001 ,CE certificate, 3.Steady capacity: 1-10 T/H, 4.Full automatic,PLC controler - details see: //
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:NCProcessing Types:WaterProcessing:Filling Machine,Filter
Driven type:Electricfunction:water treatment equipmentauthentication:ISO9001 CE 
RO treatment equipment
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RO treatment equipment

Mould-club filter:
1Cr18NiTi stainless steel is for sand filters and sealed containers, allowing liquid
Treatment without rest, thus achieving the purpose of filtering clarification.
Widely used in the oil industry, pharmaceutical industry, liquor and beverage
Industry, it is the ideal system for quality water.

Water apparatus:
This is applied to water purification. Shimizu and Yishai devices can remove odor,
Mercury, lead, zinc, iron, manganese, chromium and other metal materials, in addition
To hydride, sulphide, chlorine and other macromolecular organic compounds.
It is the ideal water purification equipment for foods, beverage, pharmaceutical,
Chemical and other industries. Production requirements are available.

Sodium ion-exchanging device:
Ion exchange device is used to reduce water hardness from the top down through switches to soften. Water containing magnesium, calcium and carbon are treated with water exchange agent for sodium ion exchange. Water not boiled is softened as containing little calcium, magnesium or salt (known as soft water). Water supply could be used for some industrial boilers. Because sodium ions in the water are much biodegradable, and will not form a hard metal in the boiler house, easy to remove; Hence the sodium ion exchange water technique should be clarified by filtration treatment, basically not containing suspended material. After softening, water remains hardness equivalent to or no more than 0.03mg/L.

YF hollow-fiber ultra filter:
This ultra-filter adopts dissymmetrical semipermeable film which is made of macromolecule material with special process. The raw liquid flows under pressure, inside or outside the film. The macromolecule substance and colloid particles in the raw liquid are clogged at the film surface and are brought away by circulating raw liquid. Then the raw liquid becomes inspissated, furthermore, the substance in liquid is separated and concentrated

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