RO Membrane System Water Filter

Reverse Osmosis/RO Membrane System, 1. Low Operation Cost, 2.Treating capacity between 1t/h-150t/h, 3. Desalination - details see: //
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:bei er deModel Number:ROProcessing Types:Water
Processing:Water Treatment System,FilterSS304:SS304  
RO Membrane System Water Filter
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Variety: RO-40Series, RO-80 Series

Standard Features

1. Frame: Electrostaliccoated steel/Stainless Steel (mirror polished/ bead blasted)

2. Membrane: spiral wound Brand: Hydranautics, Filmtec, Toray or equivalent

3. Membrane Housing Material: FRP/Stainless steel material

4. Pump: High Pressure Pump-Multi stage centrifugal pump Brand: Grundfos, Nanfang, or equivalent

5 micron cartridge prefilter


1. 50%-75% Recovery Rate

2.Desalination Rate:97%

3. Low Operation Cost

4. Reliable and stable

5. Easily control and Maintained.

6. Automembrane flushing

Packaging Detail:in wooden cases
Delivery Detail:in one month

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