Recycled PET Bottle Flake Chip Spinning PSF ( PET-- NonWoven machine, PSF), Spinning Machine, Textile Machine

1 High-Tech Recycled PET for Spinning PSF, 2 for nonwoven Machine, Textile Machine, 3 Raw Material Cost saving by 40% -50% - details see: //
Condition:NewType:Spinning Production LinePlace of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:East-Sea
Model Number:Recycled PET--Non-WovenSpinning Method:Rotor SpinningAutomatic:YesSpinning line:Non-Woven
Recycled PET Bottle Flake Chip Spinning PSF ( PET-- NonWoven machine, PSF), Spinning Machine, Textile Machine
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Recycled PET Bottle Flake Chip Spinning PSF ( PET-- NonWoven machine ), Spinning Machine, Textile Machine

Brief Introduction of Modification for Regenerated Bottle Flake Chip Spinning

Commercial value:cost of chip-into-bottle flake engineering and benefit after modification.

Modification base: original chip product line which forms chip suitable for spinning, and market for bottle flakes.

Engineering modification:modifications of equipment, automatic control andconstruction (see detailed interpretations).

Technique modification:adjustments on conveyer(see detailed interpretations), crystallization, drying, temperature of screw rods and spinning,oiling(see detailed interpretations)and other technical parameters.

Operation management adjustment: material sources, operators and supplies replacement.

Specification of the engineering modification:

Chips for spinning are different from the bottle flakes in many aspects, and compassions of their main parameters are shown in the table

ItemChipBottle flake
Viscosity (iv)0.64~0.660.74~0.76
Viscosity deviation±0.01±0.03
Melting point(°C)≥260≥248
Water content of wet chip/bottle flake %≤0.4≤1.0

The chips and bottle flakes shall be treated by different equipment systems because of their different physical properties. The bottle flakes are about half the chips in bulk density, and the wet bottle flakes contain more water, so pre-crystallizer and drying tower for treating the bottle flakes shall be larger than these for chips so as to ensure enough pre-crystallizing and drying times. The bottle flakes are larger than the chips in viscosity, so screw rods shall be replaced by deep-slotted screws for uniformly melting and plasticizing the bottle flakes. And a double filter is needed for treating the bottle flakes which contain a lot of impurities.

1. Modification of drying system:The drying system for the bottle flakes is very different from that for the chips because of great differences in bulk density, shape and particles liquidity of them. The yield will be halved and conveyer, conveying pipes, fluidized bed and drying tower must be completed reformed if the modification is carried out on the basis of the drying system for the chips. Besides, an overall modification is needed for conveyer, transmission pipe, fluidized bed and internal drying tower, which requires a high cost. Moreover, the modification cannot bring satisfactory drying effect. So, to buy special drying equipment for the bottle flakes is suggested.

2. Modification of screw rods:on the basis of the original screw rods host, sleeves of the original screw rods shall be maintained and the screw rods shall be replaced by deep-slotted screw rods.

3. Filter:Single-stage filter is sufficient for the chips because the chips contain few impurities. But the bottle flakes with plenty of impurities need to be filtered twice with a booster pump which is used for making up large pressure reduced after filtering. So the single-stage filter must be replaced by a double filter with a booster pump.

Adjustments in construction, public works, pipe and electricity supply corresponding to the modifications of the equipment shall be carried out.

Construction modification:The modifications of the equipment definitely lead to modifications of construction. Volumes of the fluidized bed and drying tower, corresponding preformed holes and equipment load shall be increased, which needs local changes to the construction. The double filter is much larger than the single-stage filter, so the screw rods and filter shall be rearranged if the original space is too small. In addition, steel beams shall be equipped under floor slabs to support increased equipment load.

Public works:Compressed air consumption for drying the bottle flake is 50-70% larger than that for the chips. The former air compressing system can be used if it is capable, or additional air compressors are needed.

Pipe:A pipe for delivering compressed air to the drying equipment, a pipe for delivering biphenyl to the filter and a pipe for delivering cooling water to the screw rods (when the screw rods are rearranged) shall be modified.

Electricity supply:The new power load shall be at most 5% higher than the original one, so usually the original transformer can be used continuously. But if many are modified, replacement or addition of transformers needs to be considered.

Packaging Detail:Professional Packing.
Delivery Detail:3 months.

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