Recovery of Carbon Dioxide Recovery

CO2 recovery plant removes impurities of and lowers the temperature of the raw material through chemical reaction, adsorption - details see:
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)Brand Name:ShitongModel Number:STCO2 
Recovery of Carbon Dioxide Recovery
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1) CO2 recovery plant is specially designed in line with the feed gases of different components, Therefore, equipment investment and energy comsumption are reduced while the equipment funcation is also guaranteed.

2) The equipment is featured with simple design, small occuption area and easy installation.

3) CO2 recovery plant adopts a distributed control sysytem (DCS). Threrefore, it is easy to operate. Moreover, it can automatically function for 24 hours on end.


Our CO2 recovery equipment makes full use of the CO2 produced in the process of cement, chemical fertilizer,alcohol,hydrogen production, and electricity generation,etc.. Therefore, the equipment can effectively reduce the emision of CO2,and produce food grade and industrial grade CO2. Due to it's environment friendliness, our CO2 recovery plant has been widely applied in the industries of beverage,welding,fire extinction,greenhouse agricultural, oil field,food storage,etc.. Thus, it can help effectively control greenhouse effect.

Model @Production (kg/hour)CO2 PurityPower Consumption per TonOccupation Area
STCO2-24K30099.99%250 kw/ton CO26*12M2
STCO2-1W120099.99%230 kw/ton CO212*24M2
STCO2-2W250099.99%220 kw/ton CO212*24M2
STCO2-3W370099.99%210 kw/ton CO212*30M2
STCO2-4W500099.99%200 kw/ton CO212*36M2
STCO2-10W1000099.99%190 kw/ton CO215*40M2

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Delivery Detail:60 days

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