Reconstituted Tobacco Line (Turn-key project)

Newly-designed dryers with the circulatory fan and air heater embedded inside . - details see:
Type:Tobacco LineComputerized:YesPlace of Origin:HUN,Hunan, China China (Mainland)Brand Name:Zhengda
Reconstituted Tobacco Line (Turn-key project)
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Air is the heating medium in drying system. The ambient hot air dries the paper sheets through air convection, and the steam evaporated from the paper is carried away by the fans.

According to its installation location, the dryers can be classified into the fan dryers and the Yankee dryers; according to the structure of its blowing nozzles, the dryers go into three groups, that is, the percussive type, air float type, and airfoil type. The frame of the dryer is composed of the sealing plate, air pipes, nozzles and so on .
Packaging Detail:iron case
Delivery Detail:3-6 months

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