Rare-Earth Permanent-Magnet DC Servo Motor/DC Motor

550W Rare-Earth Permanent-Magnet DC Servo Motor, high torque to inertia, fast dynamic response, Wide speed adjusting - details see: http://www.machineto.com/rare-earth-permanent-magnet-dc-servo-motor-dc-motor-10237565
Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:KEYAModel Number:85SZD10A3Usage:Boat,Car,Electric Bicycle,Fan
Certification:ROHS,ULType:Servo MotorTorque:1.75N.mConstruction:Permanent Magnet
Commutation:BrushProtect Feature:Totally EnclosedSpeed(RPM):3000Continuous Current(A):7.7
Output Power:550wVoltage(V):90vEfficiency:IE 1Peak Torque:11
Rotor Resistance:0.6Rotor Inductance:3.3Rotor Inertia:806Time Constant:11.2
Rare-Earth Permanent-Magnet DC Servo Motor/DC Motor
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0.025KW-7.5KW Rare-Earth Permanent-Magnet DC Servo Motor

High torque to inertia ratio. Fast dynamic resp onse. Wide speed adjusting. Low speed with small ripple. Low speed with high torque. Excellent continuous and stable operation and High overload. High efficiency and saving energy. Small Volume and Light. Many flexible mounting modes. Simple structure. Easy maintenance. Stable technology. Good consistence. Small noise and vibration. Long life time. All JF motors are protected with IP44 as a minimum .Higher levels of protection are available on request. Motors have Class F insulation, with a Class F temperature rise to offer more reliability and security in operation.

parameter1000 r/min1500 r/min2000 r/min3000 r/min
0.025 kW50SZD0150SZD0250SZD0350SZD04
0.05 kW-50SZD0550SZD0650SZD07
0.075 kW--50SZD0850SZD09
0.1 kW75SZD0175SZD0275SZD0375SZD04
0.15 kW85SZD0175SZD0575SZD0675SZD07
0.25 kW85SZD0285SZD0385SZD0485SZD05
0.4 kW105SZD0185SZD0685SZD0785SZD08
0.55 kW105SZD02105SZD0385SZD0985SZD10
0.8 kW105SZD04105SZD05105SZD06105SZD07
1.1 kW130SZD01105SZD08105SZD09105SZD10
1.5 kW130SZD02130SZD03130SZD04130SZD05
2.2 kW130SZD06130SZD07130SZD08130SZD09
3 kW175SZD01130SZD10130SZD11130SZD12
4.5 kW175SZD02175SZD03175SZD04175SZD05
5.5 kW175SZD06175SZD07175SZD08175SZD09
75 kW-175SZD10175SZD11175SZD12
Packaging Detail:Standard Wooden Case
Delivery Detail:15 days for samples

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