R2 rice paddy tires

1.R2 rice paddy tire, 2.Commpeittive prices, 3.Steady quality BAOTA brand, 4.Delievery time in time, 5.also have R1,R4,F2tires - details see: http://www.machineto.com/r2-rice-paddy-tires-10171747
Type:TiresUse:TractorsPlace of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:BAOTA
Model Number:18.4-30 R2tractor tire:agricultural tire  
R2 rice paddy tires
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we main produce follows agricultural tyre R2 pattern,R1 pattern ,F2 pattern,I-1 pattern ,R4 pattern ,L3 patternif you have any interests, pls feel free to contact with .

400-12-4PR TT

600-16-8PR TT

650-16-8PR TT

750-16-8PR TT

750-20-8PR TT

8.30-20-8PR TT

9. 5-20-8 PR TT

8. 3-24-6 PR TT

9. 5-24-6 PR TT

11. 2-24-6 PR TT

11. 2-28-6 PR TT

11.2-38-6PR TT

12. 4-24-8 PR TT

12.4-28-8PR TT

13. 6-24-8 PR TT

13. 6-28-8 PR TT

14.9-24-8PR TT

14. 9-28-8 PR TT

15.5-38 -8 PR TT

14. 9-30-8 PR TT

16. 9-28-8 PR TT

16. 9-30-8 PR TT

16.9-34-10PR TT

18. 4-30-10 PR TT

18.4-34-10PR TT

18.4-38-10PR TT

20.8-38-10PR TT

400-12-4PR TT

400-19-4PR TT

500-15-4PR TT

550-16-8PR TT

600-16-8PR TT

650-16-8PR TT

7.5L-15-8PR TT

750-16-8PR TT

750-18-8PR TT

750-20-8PR TT

9.5L-15-8PR TT

11L-15-8PR TT

10.00-16-10PR TL 3R

11.00-16-12PR TL 3R

10.00-16-10PR TL 4R

11.00-16-12PR TL 4R

650-16 8PR R2

750-16 8PR R2 TT

11.2-24 8PR R2 TT

12.4-28-10PR R2 TT

14.9-24 10PR R2 TT

14.9-28 10PR R2 TT

18.4-30 10PR R2 TT

18.4-34 10PR R2 TT

18.4-38 10PR R2 TT

The competitive prices and steady quality , welcome by the American market and African market , and middle east makret and European market.

Packaging Detail:none
Delivery Detail:30 days after advance payment.

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