Pure Water Processing Line

1.Uses advanced reverse osmosis purification., 2.First RO,second RO,ozone sterilization., 3.Product is safe and clean to drink. - details see: //www.machineto.com/pure-water-processing-line-10024923
Processing:FilterPlace of Origin:ChinaBrand Name:ComprocessModel Number:Comprocess- processing line 05
Processing Types:Water   
Pure Water Processing Line
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This equipment uses advanced reverse osmosis purification.

Our pure water processing line consist of a multiple-medium filter, softener, activated carbon filter, fine filter, first RO purification, second RO purification and ozone sterilization stages.

The finished product conforms to WHO and American EPA standards as clean and safe to drink.

This is the water treatment system in the Aroma processing line we did for customer in 2012.

Packaging Detail:IN BULK
Delivery Detail:In 60 days

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