pre-grinding hobs

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Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name:SudiMaterial:HSSUsage:Gear Hob
Model Number:1-10,SDPGH01   
pre-grinding hobs
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1. Accuracy: Class AA.

2.Delivery Times: 20 days.

3.16 years manufacture of gear hobs, Shaving butter, shaper cutter and broaches.

4.Type: Gear hob for pregrinding

Announcements for Customers

Please tell us those important data!

1.What's the module, pressure angle, outside diameter, legth, bore diameter, diection of turning for nonstandard or your standard gear Hobs?

2.What's the material?

We provide you HSS M2(W6Mo5Cr4V2), HSS M35(S705), W9341, and power metallurgy(S390)

3. What's the coating?

We provide you TIN couting, TIAIN Coating or uncoated

4.What's the Accuracy level?

You can have Accuracy gade AA and Accuracy gade A

5.Which do you perfer, standard gear hob or Non-standard gear hob?

Technical Specification


2.Material: High speed steel M2

3.Accuracy: Class A

4.Pressure Angle:α 20º, f=1, C=0.35

5.Helix Angle:

6.Outside Diameter:63mm~150mm

7. Core Diameter:27mm~50mm


9. Nomber of Threads :

10. Direction: right handed

11.Nuber of slot:

12.Straight Flute

Coating and material

(for material weprovide you material as follows you reference)

For Material

1.High speed SteelM2.

Component: W6Mo5Cr4V2, .

Delivery Hardness ≤ 255HB .

Harding Temperature: 1220-1240 Degrees .

Hardness ≤ 63 .

Common Used Material

2. High Speed SteelM35(S705) Provided by the Bohler in Austria.

Co4.8% .Hardness≥ 64HRC .

High Toughness HSS .

High wearability .

High Pressure Resistant .

Resistance to Sintering .

Better Material

3. Powder Metallurgy .The Best Material

For Coating

TiN Coating Microhardness(HV): 2300

Coefficient of Friction(COF): 0.40

Innerstress(Gpa): -2.5

Maximum Reaction Temperature: 600

Centigrade Color: Golden Yellow

Coating Structure: Monolayer .

TiALN Coating Microhardness(HV): 3300

Coefficient of Friction(COF): 0.30-0.35

Innerstress(Gpa): -1.3/-1.5

Maximum Reaction Temperature: 900 Centigrade

Color: Purplish Gray

Coating Structure: Nano-Stuture

Wide Range of Option(Supply for the following Gear hobs)

. Smaller Gear Hobs

. Novikow gear Hobs

. Pre-shaving Hobs

. Pre-grinding Hobs

. Standard Gear Hobs

. Involute spline Hobs

. Worm Wheel Hobs

. Sprocket Hobs

. Chamfering Hobs

. Timing belts pulley hobs

. Fine-pitch gear hobs

. Rising stem worm wheel hobs

. Hole worm wheel hobs

Specification of Double circular-arc gear hobs

Production Process& Brief view of the factory

Taizhou Sudi tools factory is a professional manufacture, Which is famous for standard and non-standard Hobs, various types of broaches an milling cutter, it was established in 1997,with16 years history in metal ctting Tools field.

Packing &Shipping

.For Packing .The products are wrapped with Oiledpaper and the bittle box as inner packing.

. The products are wrapped with Cartons as outside packing . If you have special requirements, such as wooden cases, please mention that in advance.

. For Shipping .We provide air transportation and ocean transportation.

.Port of Shanghai or Ningbo is our port of loading, because the factory closes to those two city.

Packaging Detail:Oiledpaper+Cartons(plastic box)+Wooden (carton)cases or as you required?
Delivery Detail:25days

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