Plate milk Pasteurizer

1.Plate milk Pasteurizer, 2.High efficiency, 3.Easy to operate, 4.Least removal of nutrion, 5.High heat exchanging rate - details see:
Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name:JIANGBOModel Number:PPS-1Usage:Milk
Stainless steel:sanitaryPlate type:white or silvery whitePlate UHT milk Equipment:high efficiencysemi-auto or full-auto:electric heating or steam heating
1000L TO 10000L PER HOUR:Plate Pasteurizer   
Plate milk Pasteurizer
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1.Plate milk Pasteurizer
1) Includes 3 classes sterilizing temperature:

one as 120-138°C for 4-6S of UHT plate sterilizer

two as 62-65°C for 30mins and 72-75°C for 15s of pasteurizer(for milk drank the same day or next day)

2)Heat exchanging rate is very high, and can only be used for liquid and need washing usually.

and if your juice with fruit grains ,this is unavailable.

3). We provide tubular sterilizer from1000 per hour to 10000L per hour.

4).The operation method includes temperature auto-control, full auto-control.

5)Heating method

steam heating :need a steam boiler

electric heating : when you do not have a steam boiler

5) Model NO. :

JBSPP1TS~JBSPPE10TS _ Temperature auto-control type, 1000L per hour to 10000L per hour

JBFPP1TS~JBFPP10TS _ full-automatic type, 1000L per hour to 10000L per hour

JBSPP1TE~JBSPPE10TE _ Temperature auto-control type, 1000L per hour to 10000L per hour

JBFPP1TE~JBFPP10TE _ full-automatic type, 1000L per hour to 10000L per hour

2. Technical parameter

2.1Main Installation :

A. Plate Heat Exchanger; B. Material-balance Bucket;

C. Hot Water-balance Drum; D. Hot Water Pump; E. Product Pump;

F. Electricity box; G. Stainless Steel Pipes and Valves etc .

H.PLC or touch screen

2.2 Heating type

2.2.1 Steam heating

2.2.2 Electric heating

2.2 Some typical material processing technological parameter


Technological parameter

Incoming temperature°CSterilizing temperature °CHeat preservation timeDischarging temperature °C
sterilizing milk5-3085155-45
Ultra-temperature sterilizing milk512010-165
Ultra-temperature sterilizing milk5137420-30
Yoghurt raw milk59515-30043
Soy milk50110305
Lactone bean curd soybean milk301063050
Ice cream sizing agent508522≤10

(The technological parameter of other materials can be determined when ordering to achieve customers’ requirements.)

2.3 Designing pressure:0.5Mpa

2.4 Experimental pressure:0.65Mpa

3.1 semi-automatic

3.2 full-automatic

3.3 steam heating

3.4 Electric heating

3.4 Fittings and local maps

Plate milk Pasteurizer
Packaging Detail:double layers packages ,as plastic film and steamed wood package. We can privide the general package as you demand.
Delivery Detail:30days

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