PG-7000 capsule polisher

Output: 3000-7000capsules/min;, AC motor with frequercy conversion, safety and, reliability; - details see:
Place of Origin:Beijing China (Mainland)Brand Name:DR.PHARM PRECISION MACHINERYModel Number:PG-7000Productivity:7000capsule/min.
PG-7000 capsule polisher
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PG-7000 Capsule polisher:

1>Stainless steel material, meets GMP stipulation;
2 > AC motor with frequercy conversion, safety and reliability;
3 > Angle of main mxes cay be adjusted freely
4 >Output: 3000-7000capsules/min;
5 >Power: 370W
6 >Dimension: 1150×1250×400mm.

Hard Capsule Polisher & Sorter:

1>JNFP model is a capsule polisher with function of rejecting substandard capsules.

2>Not only does it polish capsules, but also automatically reject low weight capsule,loose piece and fragments of capsules.
3>Capacity: Capsules 250000 pcs/hr
4>Power: 180W,220V,50Hz
5>Dimension: 930×200×940mm

Packaging Detail:Standard Export packing, seaworthy/airfreight-worthy, suitable for changing climate and with good resistance to moisture and shocks.
Delivery Detail:15 days

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