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he Pasteurizer consists of Plate Heat Exchanger, Balance Tank, Pump, hot water circulation system (Mixer of steam and water, hot water pump, steam adjusting valve & water level control, etc) and PID digital control system of pasteurization temperature, CIP system. The pasteurizer is usually used in the processes of milk, ice-cream, milk powder, fruit juice, beverage, etc which is sensitive to heat. The material is pumped to the plate heat exchanger, and then been preheating, holding; heat energy recover, cooling and all this can keep the products original physical nature and taste. If the temperature is below the set temperature, it can be sensed by the temperature transmitter. A signal activates flow diversion valve and the material flows back to the balance tank, then the material is pasteurized again. The state of the pasteurization temperature is recorded on a disc of the recorder in process of pasteurization. The operating of pasteurization can be finished by button panel. Capacity: 100 - 40 000L/h

Pasteurizer is used for producing wide range of dairy products :

• Liquid milk

• High heated milk

• Cheese milk

• Yogurt milk

• Kefir milk

• Whipping cream

• Coffee cream

• Butter

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