Panel Hepa Filter / air filter

The extended media surface of panel hepa filter creats a very low resistance to air flow to save energy. - details see:
Efficiency:Medium to HEPAConstruction:Panel FilterFiltration Grade:Hepa FilterMedium Material:Microfiber
Place of Origin:TaiwanBrand Name:HencolinModel Number:HencolinFunction:Air Filter
Structure:Panel FilterMaterial:MicrofiberMedium:Synthetic fiber 
Panel Hepa Filter / air filter
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Panel Hepa Filter


* Series : Mini-pleat Series
* Frame : Aluminium, Galvanized sheet
* Separators : Hot Melt
* Media : Glass Fiber or Synthetic Fiber Media
* Sealant : Polyruethane
* Temperature : 70 degree C
* Humidity : 100 % RH
* Efficiency :
* MPPS :95% (H11) ; DOP :99.5% 0.3μm
* MPPS :99.95% (H13) ; DOP :99.99% 0.3μm
* MPPS :99.995% (H14) ; DOP :99.999% 0.3μm
* Recommended final pressure drop below 500Pa


The extended media surface combined with ply controlled bead separator pleating creates low resistance to air flow and save envergy consumption. The light weight makes customer easy to install.


These filters use mini-pleat glass fiber media with efficiencies from 99.97% to 99.9995% All Hencolin filters are individually tested to verify that each filter shipped meets the specified efficiency. They are desiged for optimize applications, such as health care, commercial, educational and industrial buildings.

Packaging Detail:1 piece / box
Delivery Detail:14 days

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