ozone water purifier OZ06OC3-CM

1.portable, 2.built-in oxygen concentrator, 3.size 365x270x275mm, 4.high ozone concentration, 5. wall-mounting - details see: //www.machineto.com/ozone-water-purifier-oz06oc3-cm-10230411
Type:ozoneMedium Material:ozonePlace of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:AHK
Model Number:OZ06OC3-CMgas source:built in oxygen concentratoroxygen purification:90%+/-3%ozone output:2~6 mg/h
ozone concentration:> 35 mg/L   
ozone water purifier  OZ06OC3-CM
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Very fewozone generatorshavebuilt- inoxygen concentrators but with very low weight.Amazinglythis unit does it! And it is also portable!!

It is the mostcompact, high performanceozone generatorof this year. Its size is the smallest all over the world. It is wonderful for lots of applications, such as laundry cleaning, dishwasher cleaning, and so on.

Due to its high performance, you can save lots on costs.


1. most compact in size (HxDxW): 365 x 270 x 275 mm
2. lightest in weight: 8.6Kg without housing
3. built-in oxygen concentrator, oxygen purity: 90% +/-3%
4. very good performance with high ozone concentration: over 70mg/L
5. stainless steel housing: the best packaging
6. wall-mounted design, but you can also locate it on floor

7. newest fashion design: You can just fit it on the wall, also locate it on the floor, using only one person. You can open top and front plates to look into the inside. SO CONVENIENT!



Ozone Output6 g/h. Adjustable 2.0 ~ 6.0 g/h
Ozone concentration> 35 mg/L at 3.0 L/min gas flow
Gas FlowAdjustable 0.5 ~3.0L/min
Oxygen Purity> 90 %
Output connections6.0 mm diameter
Continuous operation24 h/day
Cooling systemAir cooling, built-in a 50 CFM and a 80 CFM fans
Ozone generating methodCorona discharge
Input voltage220 VAC 50Hz (60 Hz optional)
Power input240 mA
Operating temperature-10 deg C ~ +60 deg C
Storage temperature-20 deg C ~ +70 deg C
Size H x D x W365 x 270 x 275 mm
Weight13.8 Kg w/ stainless steel housing

AHK Series ofIndustrial Ozone Generatorcan be widely applied

in varied industry for sterilize and disinfect, etc.

Principal applications as below:
1. Agriculture :5. Drinking and Bottled Water:
Agricultural irrigationWaterworks
Preserve fruit and vegetablesBottled water plant
2. Meat and Food :Drinks plant
Slaughterhouses6. Hospital Laundries:
Food factoryBedding, clothes disinfection
Fish farmOperating room sterilization
Poultry breedingWard disinfection
Health care products factory7. Air Conditioning:
3. Pharmaceutical :Water cooled air conditioner
Sterile disposable medical devicesCooling Towers
Dental products8. Laundries:
Surgical instrumentsHotels
4. Swimming, SPA, Bathing:Hospitals
Purifying swimming-pool waterOld people homes
SPA Bathing9. Others

Packaging Detail:carton box
Delivery Detail:3 weeks after order and first payment received

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