New Product! Dark Waste Car Oil Recycle Plant

New Product! Dark Waste Car Oil Recycle Plant, 1 Low cost, 2 Easy to operation, 3 High recycle rate, 4 Environmental friendly - details see:
Condition:NewPlace of Origin:Chongqing China (Mainland)Brand Name:Chongqing YangjiangModel Number:YJ-TY-5
Usage:Lubricant Oilname:Dark Waste Car Oil Recycle PlantTechnology:vacuum distillationRaw Material:dark waste car oil
Function:recycle dark waste car oil to yellow baseCapacity:5 tons per dayFinal product:yellow base oilRegenerating rate:more than 85%
Flash point:220 ℃Viscosity index:120Ash content:0.005%W/W 
New Product! Dark Waste Car Oil Recycle Plant
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Dark Waste Car Oil Recycle Plant

DarkWaste Car Oil Recycle Plant is particularly suitable to regenerate used engine oil including diesel engine oil, gasoline engine oil,motor oil,ship engine oil truck oil, and used hydraulic oil, other used machinery lubrication oil

Dark Waste Car Oil Recycle Plant can remove water, impurity, acid base, and tiny impurity dispersed in oil such as carbon particles, heavy metal ions, deep oxides, as well as bad substance such as colloid and bitumen. Thus, the clarity of oil is recovered,engine oil quality improved, performance of engine restored, abrasion reduced, these would ensure correct operation of lubricant system of a engine and extend the life time of engine oil and engine as well.

Working principle

Dark Waste CarOil Recycle Plantadopt physicochemical actions to polymerize,passivate, absorb and eliminate impurities and harmful contamination. We research a newchemical alkaline complex catalyst, which can restore and regeneration the Waste oil to clean oil, save the component of the oil.

Dark Waste Car Oil Recycle Plant

Base oil Recovery Rate:

Gasoline&diesel oil7%
Base oil80-85%(abase on your water content)

Because the waste oil contain too much contamination, including nonhydrocarbon, alkene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, metal hydronium, impurities, metal particles, asphaltene and colloid etc. and due to the traditional technology only can refine the waste oil to base oil, cant use directly, so our company is researching the new technology about distilling machine, which can distill all kinds of waste oil into clean oil, easy to operation, and the lower operation cost.

YANGJIANG provide all used lube oil recycling equipment and technology. This is more than simply used lubrication oil disposal,we are not just purify used oil,instead, we developed an amazing regeneration process than can reclaim all kinds of waste black lube oil to clean base oil.This is the most effective process for lube oil recycling , TY vacuum system is to refine waste oil in a batch process.Waste lube oil after pre-treatment ,will be pumped into a catalyst reactor we will add two kinds catalyst blend with oil and heat in a distillation kettle under vacuum


1. Low cost, cost is 30$ for refine one tons used motor oil

2. Easy to operate,low operation cost, only 1-2 workers can control the machine.

3. The machine can recycle gasoline motor oil, diesel motor oil, all kinds of engine oil, and other lubricant oil to clean oil.

4. Environmental friendly. This machine is

fullenclosed, there is no any harmful smell come out form the machine, colloid, oxid, acid, pitch will be converted to oil sludge, can be use as bitumen and fuel.

5. 85% high recycling rate. This includes 6-8% diesel and gasoline mixture,80-85% base oil and 8-10% oil sludge.

6. Efficient vacuum systems

7. High quality refined oil, no any discoloration caused by oxidation, no any bad smelling.

Dark Waste Car Oil Recycle Plant

Recycled base oil parameter:


Technical data

Light base oilMedium/heavy base oil
2Viscosity index≥99>110
4Color indexASTMD 1500 Number≤1≤2
5Pour point°C-15-10
6Water content%(W/W)≤0.05≤0.05
7Flash point(open)°C≥180≥210
8Ash content%(W/W)0.0050.005
9Carbon residue%(W/W)≤0.13≤0.13


New Product! Dark Waste Car Oil Recycle Plant
Packaging Detail:To be packed in strong wooden cases, suitable for long distance ocean or freight transportation as well as changing climate and with good resistance to moisture and shocks.
Delivery Detail:within 30 days

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