Multi-spindles wood engraver for wood furniture making YH-M-25-TJ

1300x2500mm machine with 5.5KW spindle, with 8sets auto change tool, with 2.2KW dust collector, with 5.5KW vacuum table power. - details see:
Place of Origin:Guizhou China (Mainland)Brand Name:YINGHEModel Number:YH-M-25-TJcolor:Green
Multi-spindles wood engraver for wood furniture making YH-M-25-TJ
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1.The machine tool with a row of type libraries. Main electrical parts are leading parts.

2.Using high-power water-cooled bearings broaches spindle, can be processed for metal products, low noise, durability and long service life.

3.3 axises ues linear imported square orbits, XY high-speed rack and pinion, Z imported ball screw, stable, carving high accuracy.

4.3 axises use high-power, high-speed bass with very low error rate of servo drives and motors, positioning accuracy, smooth operation

5.Advanced Taiwan CNC control systems, intelligent processing cross-border conservation function: to prevent over processing rate due to the design layout of the mechanical impact caused by the phenomenon. Intelligent processing speed control: control of processing speed, respectively, to truly improve the processing efficiency, extended tool life, improve the yield. The bed is made of thick welded, after the giant planer processing, the same type of strong, durable.

6.Fuel injection systems can effectively part of the engraving machine to lubricate the drive to improve the life of the machine.

7.Equipped with a spindle temperature display, temperature display glance look at each spindle, the spindle can be avoided simply because the temperature is too high and reduced service life.

8.Optional tool has a sink and tool cooling system. Effectively cut metal materials.

Spindle Travel1300mm*2500mm
Z axle travel≥200mm
Maximum speed35 (m/min)
TransmissionXYZ ball screws
Interface screenWin/USB
Software working conditionWindows2000/XP/98
Carving ordersG-code/HP-GL
Power consume(No major axle)3000w
Major axle5500w tool change spindle
Maior axle speed0-18000(roll/min)
Carving diameter3.175/4/12.7mm
Power soure380V/50HZ

Sample show:


Packaging Detail:Veneer or wood case
Delivery Detail:within 20working days

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