MQ-500 Textile Recycling Machinery

1) full automatic, 2) lower power high capacity, 3) no pollution save cost, 4) for O/E needle punching wad - details see:
Condition:NewType:CottonPlace of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:Shunxing
Model Number:MQ-500After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseasColour:White and bluetextile waste recycling machinery:hosiery&knitting rags recycling line
rags tearing machinery:hard waste opener   
MQ-500 Textile Recycling Machinery
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ACE MQ500 used clothing tearing line

The most advanced machines at present, the highest capacity and the best quality.

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This is textile/cotton/cloth/fabric/rags/wool/jean/nonwoven/thread/yarn/carpet/denim/recycling machine.It can recycle all kinds of textiles.

Firstly we use cutting machine to cut the textiles into small pieces,and then the tearing machine will loosen the rags,thirdly,recycling machine can recycle these rags into fiber again.

Quality of the finish product can be determined by the quantity of the rollers.The more rollers there are ,the fiber will be better.Usually after six rollers,fiber can be used for spinning mills.

Usually after two rollers,the finish product can be used as fillings for toy or sofa, or for making nonwoven.

After more than four rollers,the finished product can be used in rotor spinning mills.

The machine removes impurities in the textile using mechanical centrifugal force emerged by high speed revolving of barbed rollers and loosens cottons,then presses to flakes.

It can recycle nearlyall kindsof textile(knitting hosiery fabric rags,hard waste,thread, polyester,cloth waste,garment leftover,yarn, wool,jean,denim,carpet,nonwoven etc).getting the fiber with length about 18-28mm.The fiber can be used for rotor spinning or any other purpose. Thus the machine can make good use of the waste,saving cost and being eco-friendly.

Recycling By The Numbers

1 pound of clothing averages about 3 pieces: 3 shirts, 9 pieces of kid’s clothing, or 1 pair of shoes
2,500,000,000 pounds of used clothing ended up in land fills last year alone
We recover 500,000 pounds of clothing each month
The average American throws away about 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per year. 99% of that could have been recycled.
The textile recycling industry, with some 2,000 companies, removes 2.5 billion pounds of post consumer textile product waste from the solid waste stream annually.
Between 1990 and 2003, the United States exported nearly 7 billion pounds of used clothing and worn textile products around the world. (World Trade Atlas)
Most of the recycling firms are small, family-owned businesses, with fewer than 500 employees. The industry employs approximately 10,000 semi-skilled workers at the primary processing level, and creates an additional 7,000 jobs at the final processing stage. Primary and secondary processors account for annual gross sales of $400 million and $300 million respectively.
Textile recyclers export 61% of their products, thus reducing the U.S. trade deficit. Documented export sales of recycled clothing from the U.S. exceeded $217 million in 1999 (U.S. Census Bureau).
While a few communities have textile recycling programs, about 85% of this waste goes to landfills where it occupies about 5% of landfill space.

Why Recycle Clothes?

When you clean out your closet and have clothing that no longer fits, has gone out of style, or is no longer needed, what do you do with it? If you throw it away, it goes into landfills. If you drop it off in a clothing recycling bin, it gets reused. Did you know that clothing and household textiles make up 4.67% of the waste stream, and in Florida, as much as 10%. Read more recycling facts.

Your trash is someone’s treasure

The clothing drop boxes you see in the shopping centers you visit often are a convenient way to ensure that your trash becomes someone else’s treasure. Every single item of clothing, shoes and stuffed animals are sorted and packed into 1000 pound bales and shipped by the container load to be sold for pennies apiece to people in third world counties. Even clothing that is not good enough for reuse is recycled for use as wiping rags, and reprocessed into products including paper, yarn, insulation, and padding for mattresses and carpets.

How it helps

This clothing is essential for people who go to work and school, and provides them an affordable way to wear good quality clothes. You will often see photographs of people in polo shirts, blue jeans or button down shirts, and much of this comes from people like you who wanted to see their good clothes be put to good use.

How it helps the planet

Not only that, but reusing clothing saves energy and natural resources used to make new garments, as well as lowering the amount of dyes, heavy metals and chemicals that go into our ground water and affect wildlife as well as all of us

Some recovered textiles become wiping and polishing cloths. Cotton can be made into rags or form a component for new high-quality paper. Knitted or woven woolens and similar materials are "pulled" into a fibrous state for reuse by the textile industry in low-grade applications, such as car insulation or seat stuffing. Other types of fabric can be reprocessed into fibers for upholstery, insulation, and even building materials. Buttons and zippers are stripped off for reuse. Very little is left over at the end of the recycling process. The remaining natural materials, such as various grades of cotton, can be composted.

Main Part

1 QD-350 cutting machine
2 MQK-700 rags tearing machine
3 MQF-500 recyling machineQuantity depends on your needs. The more MQF-500 machines there are, the better quality it produces
4 MDY-200 Hydraulic PressurePacking Machine

Technical Parameter

1 Capicity400-600Kg/h
2 No. of cylinderUsually 7, dependson your needs
3 Dia. of cylinder500mm iron cylinder
4 Cylinder speedAbout1350rpm
5 Taker on card clothing1st 3.5tpi,2nd 4.5tpi,others 7.5tpi
6 Weight1500kgs each
7 Dimension L*W*H3200*1720*1350 mm each

Parameters may change due to technology innovation.

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Packaging Detail:Plywood package can be provided.
Delivery Detail:Within 15 days after getting full payment.

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