Motor Starters Ferrite

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Place of Origin:Sichuan China (Mainland)Brand Name:JOINT-MAGModel Number:236-6.Type:MAGNET TILE
Motor Starters Ferrite
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Name: ferrite tile

size: Customer made


Permanent ferrite magnet is made of SrO.6Fe2O3and other microelements by ceramic processing.

Strontium ferrite powders have been designed to produce all grades of hard ferrites. High quality is made by adding proper additives into the powders. Strict quality control system ensure that the quality is stable and reliable.

Product styles available: Arc , Segment


JC-Y3932;JC-Y3939;JC-Y4041;JC-Y4127;JC-Y4231;JC-Y3744;JC-Y3849;JC-Y4240 etc ....

Magnetic property

Br can reach 430mT Hcb can reach310KA/m,

Hcj can reach395KA/m (BH)max can reach3.6kJ/m3


Provide various dimensions of magnets according to your drawings or samples. Size of Arc magnet includes inner radius, chord length, axis height, harc height

Intelligence Honor

In October 2004 ,It was conferred with High-tech Product Certificate ,awarded as a “High-tech Enterprises in Sichuan” by Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Department in December 2004,and “First Price of Sichuan SME Technology Innovation Award” in December 2004.In July 2004,ournew JC-Y4240 performance(equivalent to Japan’s TDK FN6B performance level) of ferrite permanent technology was identified and approved by the experts from Science and Technology Department of the Sichuan Province. The declaredHigh Performance Ferrite Permanent Magnet (JC4545)has been listed among Key Science and Technological Program of Sichuan Province and has been given financial support . In 2007 ,”Technology of manufacturing high-performance ferrite permanent magnet with YF30 pre-sintering materials ” were awarded with the tile ofOutstanding Technical Achievements and Outstanding Productsby the National Materials and Devices industry associations.

Please note:Our quotation for you is for your drawings which include magnetic property and size.

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Packaging Detail:carton
Delivery Detail:10-40 days or according to the order

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