Motor speed car controller

car controller 1.smooth, quiet, efficient, and cost-effective operation.2.the adjustable parameters take convenien - details see:
Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:GWModel Number:IPMCMotor Type:DC Motor
Certification:CE,SGS-CSTCType::Auto ControllersEnvironmental Enclosure::IP68 
Motor speed car controller
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ipMCSep series programmable controllers provide smooth and seamless regenerative control of separately excited motors. An advanced MOSFET power section, combined with a sophisticated microprocessor provides very high efficiency, quiet operation and reduces motor and battery losses.

It uses high-frequently power electronic technology,and controlled by the high-performance microprocessor,so that the motor can run high-efficiency,none-noisy and low-lossing, while reducing the loss of battery.It can be convenient and directly to read and set all kinds of parameters through the handing programmer or computer(USB interface) to meet the requirement of different terran on the control performance to the vehicle.


ipMCSep series controllers are designed for widely application in golf cars, sightseeing vehicles, hunting buggies, electric vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, electric yachts and other kinds of utility vehicles.


· High-frequency power electronics technology provides smooth, quiet, efficient, and cost-effective operation.

· the adjustable parameters take convenience to the customers of optimizing parameters ,adjusting the performance of vehicle operation and meeting the different conditions and all kinds of environmental requires.

· the circuit that who control the electric current of the half-bridge armature and the full-bridge field is provided with a braking-energy way that recovery the braking energy efficiently .

· “Ramp Restraint” feature provides automatic electronic brake that restricts vehicle movement while in downhill.

· Anti-rollback function provides improved control when brake pedal is released on slopes.

· The function that preventing delay can do some help to prevent the damage of motor commutator .

· Optional electromagnetic brake output.

· The buzzer can hint all kinds of fault that is convenient to maintenance,determine the parameters to adjust ,test and diagnose.



STYLE (V) (A) (A)

2 minutes 2 minutes

IPMC 3630 36 300 30
IPMC 4830 48 300 30
IPMC 4840 48 400 30
IPMC 4850 48 500 30
IPMC 6040 60 400 30
IPMC 6045 60 450 30
IPMC 7240 72 400 30
IPMC 7245 72 450 30
IPMC 9640 96 400 40
IPMC 12040 120 400 40
IPMC 14440 144 400 40
Packaging Detail:Carton
Delivery Detail:7 days

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