motor controller

Motor controller:, 1) Power source: one phase or three phase AC220V, 2) 50/60 Hz, 3) Velocity modulation ratio: 1: 5000 - details see:
Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name:MiGeModel Number:EPS-TA020L121Motor Type:AC Motor
Type:Motor Controller   
motor controller
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Motor controller specification


SWD series

Power source

One phase or three phase AC220V -50~+20% 50/60Hz

Three phase

AC220V -15~+10% 50/60Hz




Using: 0~ 55 Storage: -20~ 80


Below 90% RH No dewing


Below 0.5G(4.9m/s2)10 ~60 no continue running

Control mode

1. Position control 2. Speed control

3. The speed tries to move 4. JGO movement

Regenerative applies the brake

In sets



Speed frequency response


Speed undulation rate

±0.3 (load 0 ~ 100%); <±0.02(power source -15 +10%)

(value corresponds to rated speed)

Velocity modulation ratio


pulse frequency


Control input

1. Servo enables 2. warning elimination

3. Deviation counter nulling operation

4. Instruction pulse prohlibition

Control output

1. servo prepares the output enables

2. servo warning output

3. the localization completes the output

Position control

Input way

1. pulse+ mark

2. CCW pulse/CW pulse

Electronic gear ratio


Feedback Pulse

The most 20000 pulse / revolution

Adds and subtracts the fast function

The parameter establishment adds and subtracts the fast time 6-1530ms(0r/min ~1000r/min)

Surveillance function

Rotational speed, Instruction pulse accumulation, Position deviation, motor torque motor electric current, running status

Protection function

Overspeed, main power source pressure, main power owes the pressure, presses the class overload, applies the brake exceptionally, the encoder is unusual, position deviation

Demonstration, operation

6thLED digital tube. Four buttons

Suitable the load inertia

Less than electrical machinery inertia 5 times

Packaging Detail:Packed in wooden box or carton
Delivery Detail:within 7 days

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