mitsubishi tension control

single tension clamp/opgw cable tension clamp, span 50~200m, simple structure, convenient installation, low price &high quality - details see:
Place of Origin:Guangxi China (Mainland)Brand Name:GLshihuiModel Number:SHND-O 
mitsubishi tension control
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single tension clamp/opgw cable tension clamp

1,Usage:It is mainly used on the route which passed the angle, tension and termimal tower within 50-200 miles span. It is not only used for overhead cable but also used for anchor fixing and clamp pulling in construction of cable.

2,Feature:simple structure and convenient installation.

3,Composition:preformed rods clamp and suspension link.

Customers can choose other fittings such as clevis and connecting rod etc. to meet the requirement of design.

Customers can also choose materials of single tension clamp such as aluminum-clad steel rod and galvanization steel rod.

Partial model parameters:


Length of rods
















Notes:In the model column,SH represents these are Shihui corporation’s products, N represents tension clamp, D represents single layer. O represents these products are for OPGW optical cable.

** The length of preformed rods are subject to the practical length of commodities.

Explanation:Theabove diagram only lists partial model parameters. Customers should defineoptical cable’s diameterand the RTSfirst before ordering the products and they should also define the model of optical cable in the correspondent way. Using range of products model parameters is allowed a certain tolerance range on the condition that the products satisfy the holding strength requirement. According to nation’s related technology formulate. OPGW single tension clamp’sholding strength should reach95%RTS in general.

E.g.1:one cable’s diameter is 13.60mm, the RTS is 62.5KN, required holding strength by designing is 95% RTS, so the method to choose the armour model is:


62.5×95% =59.375≈60(KN)

So single tension clamp’s model is SHN-O1360/060.

Packaging Detail:cartons, wooden cases (as customer's requirements)
Delivery Detail:in 7 days after payment

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