Milk Homogenizer

1.homogenizer is widely used in milk, food, fruit juice, beverage, medicine industry, refining chemical industry and biologic - details see: //
Processing:HomogenizerPlace of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name:JiadiProcessing Types:Milk
Milk Homogenizer
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Milk Homogenizer

Introduction Of homogenizer

Part 1 Whole machine

1 the whole machine adopts horizontal structure,the center of gravity is below,transmission is steadynoise is lowoperation and maintenance is convenient.

2stainless steel cover,neat , beautiful and fine.Very suitable for modernization production..

Part 2 driving parts

1wheel box gear adopts hard, fine grinding bevel wheel,carrying capacity is hightransmission is steady and reliablenoise is low.Transmission noise is lower than motor noise.

2wheel box bend axis adopts special stainless steel, case hardening .axis tile adopts high tin bearing alloy , running is reliable.

3forced hydraulic pressure lubrication,lubrication display and alarm facility assures lubrication and cooling.

Part 3 pump parts

1 Pump body adopts nine pieces separate structure,high intensityoperation and maintenance is convenient

2 Pole plug adopts special steel and special surface treatment,surface rigidity is high,wearable and anticorrosive.

3 Pole plug adopts PTFE ,seal effect is good, anti high temperature ,high pressure, long usage life .pole plug adopts front installation. Maintenance man can replace and maintain the pole plug and seal on the front of pump body ,without disassembling pump body and seal ring. Valve and valve base structure: self orientation conic valve.Adopts special alloy with resistance to impact, wearable, anticorrosive characteristics.

Part 4 homogenizer parts

1 One and two stage pole plug adopts rigid alloy with wearable anticorrosive resistance to impact and long usage life characteristics.One and two stage pole plug can be used separately or combinedly.Homogenization effect is good,with suitable pressure,homogenization granulity can be up to: 0.1~2μm.

2 Adopting imported shockproof membrane pressure meter(long usage life steady pressure on maintenance).

Packaging Detail:container,pallet,wooden case
Delivery Detail:40-120 DAYS

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