Microwave sterilizer specially for inida spices

1.Rapid/symmetrical drying, 2.Energy saving/efficient, 3.Mildewproofing/sterilizing/keeping fresh, 4.Advaced craftwork - details see: //www.machineto.com/microwave-sterilizer-specially-for-inida-spices-10050160
Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:AdasenModel Number:JN-20name:spices dryer/ sterilizer
model:jn-20power used:28KWHconveyer:TEFLON beltType:Spices processing equipment
Microwave sterilizer specially for inida spices
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Spices/cardamon drying equipment --microwave dryer

Mainfeatures of microwave drying & sterilization equipment

1. Rapid drying

Microwave heating does not need the progress of heat conduction, wich make the material itself become a heating unit.

2. Symmetrical heating

Because of no restrictions on the shape of the material, the materials is heated even, and theres is no adjust outside or unheated inside.

3. Energy saving and efficient

The microwave drying can save one third energy of the far-infrared drying

4. Mildewprooding/sterilizing/keeping fresh

Microwave drying with thermal and biological effects can sterilize and resist rot under lower temperature.

5. Advanced craftwork and easy control

With the use of graphic operation terminal and PlC, you can realize programmable autocontrol of heating progress.

6. Safety and innocuity.

There is no harmful radioactivity or harmful gas, or waste heat or dust pollution, so neither could microwave heating contaminate food nor pollute the enviroment.


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