Microwave spices sterilizing machine

Microwave spices sterilizing machine, 1.condiment drying and sterilizing machine, 2.energy saving, 3.keep color and taste - details see: //www.machineto.com/microwave-spices-sterilizing-machine-10049686
Place of Origin:Henan China (Mainland)Brand Name:AIXMaterial:Stainless steelUsed for:Spices sterilizing,drying.
Cost:Low costType:spices sterilizing machine  
Microwave spices sterilizing machine
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Microwave spices sterilizing machine

1.condiment drying and sterilizing machine

2. good sterilization effect

3 short sterilizing time
4 control panel

Industrial microwave sterilization machine for spice can be used for the sterilization of various food such as packed food microwave sterilizer, canned food microwave sterilizer, cooled food microwave sterilizer, seafood microwave sterilizer, cereal products microwave sterilizer, beverage microwave sterilizer, oral liquid microwave sterilizer, bean productsmicrowave sterilization machine , etc.

Microwave spices drying sterilization machine,spices sterilizing machine,microwave sterilizer for spices,continuous spices drying sterilizing equipment,spices microwave peocessing machine,microwave processing oven for spices,mainly used in the chicken, beef, pork flavor, yeast extract, condiments, spices ( pepper, rice flour seasoning flavoring compound; Wang Lucai; five spice powder; king; black pepper,white pepper;fennel, food additives, flavor powder, seafood, spices ( kelp, seaweed, fish, shrimp, crab ), heating, drying and sterilization process;Also applies to pepper, chili powder, Cara crumb.


ModelPower input(KVA)Power output(KW)Sterilizing(kg/h)Transmission(m/min)Size L*W*H(mm)




S k y p e :maixmachine

Packaging Detail:Wooden case
Delivery Detail:Due to customer

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