Medical Linear Actuator

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Medical Linear Actuator
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Medical Linear Actuator


Rotor, Lead Screw, Aluminium Tube, Plastic Case

Model No.AT2000AT4000AT6000AT8000
Max Thrust2000N4000N6000N8000N
Standard Stroke50-600(MM)50-600(MM)50-600(MM)50-600(MM)
Min. Install Dimension175+Stroke(MM)175+Stroke(MM)175+Stroke(MM)175+Stroke(MM)
Max Pull2000N4000N4000N6000N
Max Speed26mm/s13mm/s6.8mm/s6mm/s
Limit SwitchBuilt-inBuilt-inBuilt-inBuilt-in
Carton size44.5X32.5X20cm44.5X32.5X20cm44.5X32.5X20cm44.5X32.5X20cm
Working PrincipleThe Linear actuatoris a device that converts the rotational motion of a low voltage DC motor into linear motion–that is push and pull movements. Theelectric linear actuatorconsists of a motor, a gear and a spindle including a nut. A special version of the linear actuator is the built-in actuator meant for integration in a customer guidance. A complete actuator system solution includes one or morelinear actuators, acontrol boxand acontrol deviceto operate the actuator
AdvantageThelinear actuatorsare finding their way into a wide range of applications. When something needs to be raised, lowered, pushed, pulled, rotated, positioned, lifted, shifted or moved, the linear actuators are making an irrefutable case for electrification. These actuators operatemore simply, efficiently, cleanly and quietly. And with fewer components to act up or wear out,the linear actuators offer exceptional durability. Despite being perceived as costing more, the actuator actually nets out to be more cost-efficient because of savings on several fronts.
ApplicationTheactuatorsare used in many different industries, making both work and private life easier for a lot of people. The actuators are ideal forhospital beds,patient lifts,dental chairs,bath liftsandwheelchairs. Office desks,industrial workstations,kitchens,construction and machinery,ventilation and farming solutions, marine applicationssolar tracking systems.

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