Medical cotton machine / medical cotton wool production line

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Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:TongjiaModel Number:TJMC-108Machine Type:Carding Machine
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Medical cotton machine / medical cotton wool production line
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This is kind if machine is applicable to the materials such as cashmere, camel’s hair and blended spun silk, ect. It is mainly used to open the raw material, extract trashes from them and finally process them into even slivers for the following procedure.

Structure features

1 adopting the weighing chute feeding type, i.e. twice weighing & vibrating plate chute feeder.

2 an magnetic steel device is installed above the inclined spiked lattice to prevent the metallic matters from getting into card clothing

3 adopting the frequency conversion technique for the main motor, so as to make the machine start and stop steadily and the speed reduced mildly, diminish the impact ,get rid of the uneven quantity per feeder and make the slivers further evener.

4 a infrared photoelectric tester is equipped between the stripping roller and doffer. Lt will alarm and then doffer will stop so as to avoid the damages to the card clothing of doffer and cylinder when a large quantity of returning flow of fibers comes from the stripping roller

5 three-roller stripping and equipped with a cross apron web collection system additionally to avoid the broken and fallen webs

6 for the slivering parts, there exist relation of revolution and rotation between the underpan and the pipe chute plate, so the slivers will form ring type coiled layers with certain holes.

Main specification and technical parameters

1 breadth: 1020mm

2 feeding form: mechanical frequency control & twice-weighing

3 weight unevenness for feeding: 0.7%~1.7%

4 applicable fiber length: 24~75mm

5 draft multiple: 6 7.3~120.2

6 output per machine hour: 5~25kg

7 total power of motors: 7.37kg

8 total weight of the machine: approx*7.5ton

9 the floor space :( L*W) 7500mm*2000mm

Packaging Detail:Wooden Package
Delivery Detail:Within 90days after the payment

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