LY-SF Single Spindle Fiter Core Winder

It's mainly used in the fields of water purification,beverages,foodstuff,chemical,greasses,pharmaceutical, electron,etc. - details see:
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:EMMModel Number:LY-SFFiter Core Winder:Fiter
LY-SF Single Spindle Fiter Core Winder
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LY-SF Single Spindle Fiter Core Winder is mainly used in the fields of water purification, beverages, foodstuff, chemical, greases, pharmaceutical, electron, environmental protection etc. it’s a dedicated machine for the winding of different yarms, threads on filter cores, characterized by high speed, good yarn/ thead shape, automatic stop at yarn/thread’s fullness, prompt yarn/thread replacing and low energy consumption etc.

Winding speed of winder:60-320m/min

Max. diameter of winding:200mm(limited range of diamefter larger than 200mm is available subject to the order of kcustomer).

Power supply:AC380/220V,50Hz/60Hz Model of motor:A026312

Power of motor:180w/spindle Speed of motor:2800r/min

Winding Frame Material: Polypropylene, stainiess steel etc., on client’s request.

Winding Frame Inside Dia:26,28,29,30,32,40,65mm etc.

Winding Reciprocation Stoke: It’s generally: 5″(125+2mm),10″(250+4mm),20″(500+8mm),

30″(750+12mm),40″(1000 +16mm)

(Limited range of other reciprocation stroke is available subject to the order of customer).

Dimension of single panel:(W×H)390×308mm


1.1 The equipment is generally assembied into a screen with 2 spindles or 1spindles.

LY-SF thread-divding winder of this company can be sorted by its winding length into:


30″(750+12mm),40″(1000 +16mm),50″(1250 +20mm),

60″(1500+24mm),70″(1750 +28mm),80″(2000 +32mm),

The machine is attached with thread clamp and other parts for production upon delivery.

1.2 Each spindle wider has a motor driving winding, and can be solely controlled for on/off.

1.3 To-and –fro pole’s moving in guide slot makes thread-guiding device bace-and –forth moving, and makes thread winding to-and-fro on the tube.

1.4 Drop tube organism

The machine has a drop tube organism with brake device, when thread-winding tube needs dropping tube, rotating of a handle makes eccentric cam press brake seat, on the one hand mskes scroll-drawing reel stop rotating, locks spring retracting, and framework with thread can be freely taken off. Without rigid coupling in motor rotating, the motor has its rotating state changed, preventing damaged cause by heat through rotating blockage, greatly reducing motor maintenance expenses which are advantages of the winder.(apostil: do not move or adjust the plastic biack in front of the motor support in order to avoid magnet on the motor magnetic disc from damage)

2.Adjustment of the machine

2.1Yarn patterm adjustment

Pattern can be adjusted by turning the pattern adjusting hand-wheel on front of the panel, it working principle is that pattern adjusting hand-wheel drives the pattern adjusting shaft, which drives the pattern adjusting band wheel at rear of the panel to move back and forth, so that the speed of the thread winding shaft and the reciprocating lever shaft is changed, and thus the thread pattern is changed correspondingly.

2.2 According to thread output speed of main machine, properly adjust clearance of magnetic force plate drive assistant to get ideal draw-in winding rotation speed.

2.3 Due to success of screen assembly at its consignment, it only needs a few debugging work.

3. Operation explanations

3.1 Thread winding

Thread the yarn through the yarn trapper and the thread tension retainer, then lead to thread guide ring, wind it around the frame several circles, and then it will automatically guided into the guided pate and complete the yarn winding process. In normal operation, it is recommended that middle linear speed to the desired procedure.

3.2 Thread tube and replacement

Cut yarn off, operate drop tube organuism, take framework off, put empty framework and threading firmly, repeat action of part 5.1, finish thread replacement.

Packaging Detail:standard export package
Delivery Detail:20-60 working days after order confirmed

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