luxury popcron machine HX-PM09

popcorn machine, 1.Transparent chassis, 2.Non-stick stainless steel kettle, 3.keep insulation - details see:
Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:hongxingModel Number:HX-PM09Application:Popcorn
name:popcorn machinecolor:redmaterial:stainless steelvoltage:220/110v
power:1.3kwproduct size:56*42*75cmN.W.:18KGpacking size:60*48*84cm
luxury popcron machine HX-PM09
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popcorn machine

*All-round tempered glass
*High-effect heating&insulation system
*Transparent chassis
*Non-stick stainless steel kettle
*OEM is available.
Machine Description:
1, chassis design and construction with the light, surrounded by heat-resistant glass, can be all-round display popcorn process, safety and health.
2, efficient heating and insulation system, the production process to achieve convenient and efficient level.
3, the exclusive use of U.S. imports of temperature control system, greatly improving the stability and temperature effects and life, more explosive and difficult to focus rice flower pot, is the best choice for high-end entertainment!
4, the pot non-stick coatings used by the U.S. Three Lions, the quality is guaranteed.

1.75 g pot full of corn, 3 minutes blasting a pot, low cost and high profits.
2, do a variety of colorful fruit flavored popcorn.
3, electric auto mixing, automatic heating, simple, convenient and safe.
4, four heat-resistant glass, with the light design, enhance all-round display popcorn process.
5, efficient heating and insulation system, the production process to achieve convenient and efficient level.
6, through the European CE certification, the appearance of the patented design of the inner pot with Teflon coating to prevent burn popcorn
7, the chassis design and construction with the light, showing the effect of enhanced because it has a clean, healthy, clean and easy, simple, energy saving, so loved by the majority of the people as food, snacks, cinema, ktv best for products.

Popcorn machine for use:
1, pressing the insulation light switches, heating pipes and thermal insulation light bulbs to work.
2, the twist rotary heat switch, warm popcorn dish 2-3 minutes, test release 3 and 5 grams of corn oil to the pan, when the corn burst, the preparation is completed.
3, first put 50 ml oil, add 150 grams and 100 grams of corn sugar to the pan for popcorn, corn burst to be completed, when almost no crackle (about 3 minutes), open the lid, dump pan.
4, with semi-cloth test apply in the inner pot, keep the pot clean.
5, the baffle off to a good popcorn fell out of the box explosion, the fried corn until the popcorn action completed.
6, prevent drip into the popcorn plate border, to prevent the dirty side and the hot plate burning.

Popcorn Machine Cleaning and Maintenance:
1, in the cleaning and maintenance should be cut off the power.
2, with semi-wet and dry towels clean body surfaces, non-direct wash water and the whole pot, or allow water to penetrate and undermine the performance of electrical products work.
3, scrub with a hard object is not allowed inside the pot, so as to avoid the non-stick coating plate damage.
4, for a long time disabled, cut off the power, let dry place.

Packaging Detail:carton or wooden grill
Delivery Detail:depends on order quantity

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