Low Temperature Rotary Grain Dryer

low temperature grain dryer:, 1.Excellent quality, 2.Low cost, 3.Stability and reliability, 4.Simple operation,convenient repair - details see: http://www.machineto.com/low-temperature-rotary-grain-dryer-10171669
Place of Origin:Anhui China (Mainland)Brand Name:Wheat and Rice StarModel Number:5HGM-8 
Low Temperature Rotary Grain Dryer
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Low Temperature Rotary Grain Dryer 5HGM-8

Why we need dryers?

1. We can rush in the harvest of grain in the cloudy and rainy days, immuning the grain from mildew germination.

2. Mouldy grain will produce carcinogenic aflatoxin.

3. Save the ground for drying grains.

4. The dryer can dry automatically around-the –clock whether day or night, sunny or rainy. One people can dry thousands of tons of grain one day.

5. With a drier, we can have a lot of fresh food source.

6. Rice which is dried under low temperature as soon as be harvested, is fine fresh rice that can make good price and increase the profit.

7.Only good dryers can dry uniformly under low temperature. They won’t produce bad rice through drying wet grain; they can reduce cracking and broken rice.

8.Good dryers can ensure consisitent moisture content and good taste of grain. The grain won’t loss of weight because of excessive dryness.

The advantages of grain dryers ofthe Wheat and Rice Star

1. Great quality of grain drying

Using the most advanced low-temperature drying technology to ensure the grains are not broken and cracked after being dried.

2. Low cost of drying

The dryers of the Wheat and Rice Star can use waste biomass, such as rice husk, corn cob, waste wood, coconut shell and steam as the heat source, making the drying cost lowest.

3. Stable and reliable operation

Combining with Japanese advanced drying technology, improving the control system and the whole structure to improve the stability of the product and the wear resistance of the equipment.

4. Simple operation, convenient mainentance

All theproduction is moulded and computerized. Spare parts can be replaced by 100%. The users can install and replace spare parts by themselves.

5. Superior services

The overall implementation of after services of three gurantees ( for repair, replacement and

compensation of faulty products). Provide spare parts and service immediately. Permanent

business, sustainable service.

6. Personalized design scheme

TypeBatch type circulation
outer dimension (mm)length × width × Height4110 × 2447 × 7600

Handling capacity(kg/h)

(ranging of moisture reduction: from 25% to 14.5%)


Combustion Engine

typegum type, high voltage spray
ignition methodautomatic high voltage ignition
fuel consumption (kg/h)8-16
FuelHigh clean kerosene or high clean 0#diesel
Blower motor power5.5
The total power of Motor(kw) Voltage(v)8/380
Time of feeding (min)paddy77-84
Time of discharge (min)paddy70-78


reduction rate per hour

Automatic control and safety deviceautomatic moisture meter, automatic ignition,automatic stop, temperature control device, fault alarm device, full grain alarm device, electrical overload protection device, leakage protection device
Packaging Detail:packed in wooden case
Delivery Detail:10days

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