liquid tube in tube sterilizer/ tube sterilizing machine

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liquid tube in tube sterilizer/ tube sterilizing machine
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Passion fruit Sterilizer/tubular sterilizer for passion fruit

Brief Introduction:

The core part of this set of equipment is Tubular UHT Sterilizer. The whole system is in compact structure, good

sterilizing effect, brief operation, wide using range, low price etc. We can supply the UHT sterilizing

system alone including the Sterilizer, the preheating tank, heat preservation tank etc. The system has the function of homogenizer connector, preventing forming galalith and pasteurization. We can also supply the whole system

including the UHT sterilizing system and the quick-degassing system.

Product Classification:

Full Automatic Configuration: It adopts the advanced computer program controlling the PLC technology.

It produces and controls according to the setting technical requirements. It is with the CIP cleaning system

to clean the whole system automatically.

Product Application:

It is widely used in the processing of milk, juice, tea drink, dairy drink, tomato paste, flavoring, beer, cream, ice

cream, egg products, solid powder product etc.

The Main Configuration:

This equipment is composed of material system, high temperature hot water system, degassing system (selective),

high pressure homogenizing system (selective), CIP cleaning system, self-sterilizing aseptic system

(selective) and controlling system.

Product Characteristic:

1. The sticky range is very large. The PH value use environment is 1-14, which is suitable for the aseptic

process of fresh milk, pasteurization milk, yogurt, coconut milk, juice, tea beverage, grape wine, ice cream, soymilk, dairy beverage, long life milk, jam, paste product etc.

The shelf life of the product that is sterilized by the UHT system under aseptic package can be 3-6 months

without any preservative and cold chain.

2. The equipment is full-automatic or semi-automatic control and the touch screen is LCD.

3. Sterilize the product in instant time and preserve the original flavor.

4. The temperature control system is PID. The sterilizing temperature is recorded by the recorder.

5. The heat process is well-distributed. The heat recovery can be 90%.


Packaging Detail:wooden case for passion fruit sterilizer
Delivery Detail:35 days

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