liquid silicone label making machine on garment

This machine is used for making label on garment,printing label on the cloth, injection label on garment - details see:
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)Brand Name:LXModel Number:S05Machine Type:liquid silicone machine
Product:liquid siliconeMaterial Capabilities:fabricsCondition:NewCertification:CE
After-sales Service Provided:Overseas service center available   
liquid silicone label making machine on garment
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Liquid Silicone Label Machine Set and Operation

Finished Sample Photo (The backing of these labels are fabric)

The process of silicone label making as fellow:

1 LX-S01 Table Type Stirring Machine


Mixing Silicone with Color Silicone (Also use for mixing silicone with hardener)

Speed controlYes
Power Requirement220V, Single Phase, 0.1Kw
Air RequirementNone

2.LX-S02 Vacuum Machine


During mixing the Silicone with color, air will go inside the Silicone material. Then need to have a vacuum process to take the air out from the material. This is done by Vacuum Machine.

Working Area300mmØ x 2 pcs
Power Requirement220V, Single Phase, 1.1Kw or

(380V, 3 Phase, 1.1Kw)

Air RequirementNone

3.LX-P/S01 Dropping Perfusing Machine (Common Type)


Put the silicone into the tube, then worker use this device to control the flow of silicone to the mould. One color one device.

Power Requirement220V, Single Phase, 0.01Kw
Air Requirement4kg/cm2

4.LX-S05 Siliconebrand shappingMachine


This machine is used for heat press the mould, then transfer the silicone from the mould to fabric.

High Pressure Press

5 Tons Pressure with heat

2 heads
Cooling Press (5°C-10°C)4 heads
Working Area Per Head200mm x 300mm
Power Requirement380V, 3 Phase, 7.5Kw
Air Requirement6kg/cm2

Packaging Detail:in wooden case
Delivery Detail:within 30days

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