led high performence SIEMENS servo motor 1LA7133-4AA10

led high performence SIEMENS servo motor 1LA7133-4AA10, 1:fast delivery time ., 2:strong tecnical support - details see: http://www.machineto.com/led-high-performence-siemens-servo-motor-1la7133-4aa10-10236814
Brand Name:siemensModel Number:1LA7133-4AA10Type:Servo MotorProtect Feature:Totally Enclosed
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CCC,CE,ROHS,UL,VDEAC Voltage:575 / 600 VPlace of Origin:Germany
Efficiency:IE 3commodity:servo motor prices  
led high performence SIEMENS servo motor 1LA7133-4AA10
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led high performence SIEMENS servo motor 1LA7070-0AA16

1:Description :

1FT5 1FK6 1FT6 1FK7 1PH
1FT5066-1AC71-4FA0 1FT5066-1AC71-4FB0 1FT5072-1AC71-4EH0
1FT5072-1AC71-4FH0 1FT5104-1AC71-4AA0 1FT6086-1AF71-4EH1
1FT6064-1AF71-4EG1 1FT6024-6AK71-4AE0 1FT6024-6AK71-3HG3
1FK6080-6AF71-1TA0 1FK6080-6AF71-1TB0 1FK6083-6AF71-1TA0
1FK6083-6AF71-1TB0 1FK7083-5AF71-1UB0 1FK7060-5AF71-1UA0
1FK7060-5AF7101UB0 1FK6083-6AF71-1SB0 1FK6063-6AF71-1SB0
1FK6080-6AF71-1SB0 1FK7083-5AF71-1SH0 1FK7080-5AF71-1SB0
1PH7228-7HF00-0HA0 1PH7167-2NF03-0CC00 1PH7105-2NF02-0BA0
1PH7228-2HD00-0EA0 1PH7186-2HF00-0AA3 1PH7103-2NF02-0BA0
1PH7103-2HG02-0CA0 1PH7103-7HG02-0CA0 1PH7107-2HF02-0CA0
1PH7107-7HF02-0CA0 1PH7133-2HD02-0CA0 1PH7133-2ND02-0CA0
1PH7133-7HD02-0CJ3 1PH7133-7ND02-0CA0 1PH7133-7QD02-0CJ3
1PH7137-2HD02-0CA0 1PH7137-2HG02-0CA0 1PH7137-7HD02-0CA0
1PH7137-7HG02-0CJ3 1PH7137-7NG02-0CJ0 1PH7137-7QD02-0CJ3
1PH7163-2HD03-0CA0 1PH7163-2HF03-0CA0 1PH7163-2ND03-0CA3
1PH7163-2QD03-0CA3 1PH7163-7HD03-0CA0 1PH7163-7ND03-0CA3
1PH7163-7QF03-0CA3 1PH7224-2DB00-4AA6 1PH7224-2AF13-0BC2

2:Delivery time :7days (byDHL ,FedEx ,UPS ,TNT.)

3:payment method :By T/T ,Western Union,Paypal ...

4: Our advantages :

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Packaging Detail:as standard package
Delivery Detail:one week after the payment

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